Write For Us


So you’re interested in writing for Femme & Fortune. Awesome! The information below are guidelines for the quality of content we are looking to feature on our site.

Who We Are: Femme & Fortune, LLC is a digital platform for the modern, ambitious woman. We aim to empower, unite and educate women through our articles, events and yearly conference.

What We’re Looking For: We are looking for content that inspires and educates women to be their best asset – personally and professionally. Our tone is informative, but also witty and unique to each writer. All articles must be unique and not published anywhere else on the internet.


Writing Guidelines

  • Articles sent to us should be at least 300+ words.
  • Please provide links and sources for the photos/information you use within your article.
  • Quotes are always a great addition to articles.
  • Maintain a positive tone that is respectful for the diverse backgrounds of our readers.
  • Your content will be edited by the Femme & Fortune team for grammar/voice.
  • All submissions shall become the property of Femme & Fortune once posted.
  • Some of the content we feature on the site is sponsored.
  • We have the right to take out links if we feel that they won’t benefit our readers or are irrelevant to the content.
  • All writing submissions are unpaid. You agree that being a contributor for Femme & Fortune is a voluntary position.

Our Process

  • Sign up with our form here to become a contributor.
  • Our managing editor will send out pitches to our contributors each week. Respond to that email with which article you would like to write, along with when you can have it completed by. You’ll be sent an email once you’re approved for that article.
  • Articles are all first come, first serve.
  • We are also open to article pitches from our contributors. Feel free to email us with your article idea and we’ll give you a green light if it’ll be a good fit on our site.
  • After you submit your article, it will be placed on a queue to be posted live. Please be patient as we read over your content and schedule posts accordingly.