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Why Numbing Yourself Doesn't Work

Six shots on a Wednesday night. Taking an extra anti-anxiety pill.

Consuming an entire tub of ice-cream in one sitting.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all engaged in destructive behavior to escape ourselves, our worries, etc. But most of us also know self-sabotage doesn't work. It only masks our feelings. It might even trick us into momentary bliss.

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Women’s Health Care 101: What You Need To Know

In the year 2017, current, expectant and aspiring mothers face several hurdles when it comes to building a family. And it's not OK. These hurdles include managing high child-care costs, the lack of paid family leave, and now with the possible changes to the Affordable Care Act, a lack of access to an essential health benefit: maternity care. What you need to know.

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    Baking soda and skincare: 7 ways to use it today

    You are going on a date in a few days and notice a new pimple. Great. Instead of reaching for the nearest pimple cream and cover up - both of which most likely contain harmful chemical ingredients - opt for baking soda. Yes, baking soda. The ingredient used to bake cakes, bread, and treats can also be used in numerous skin care regiments for enhanced effects without the risk of developing a reaction or rash and can get you date-ready in record time.

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    Pregnancy Hormones: It’s Not Just Mood Swings

    A lot of people associate pregnancy hormones with mood swings, and maybe a few physical symptoms like nausea, bloatedness and having to pee more. Of course, anyone who knows the complicated nature of the endocrine system knows that hormones affect far more. During pregnancy, the human body produces more hormones than in its entire non-pregnant existence combined-including puberty! Below are some conditions that hormones can cause or aggravate during pregnancy.

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