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The Importance of Inclusivity In Business

There are many ways that you can make your company culture more diverse and inclusive. Luckily, many of these tips and tricks are extremely easy and relatively painless. The important factor is that you allow this type of inclusivity to trickle from the top down. Be the change you want to see in your company!

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CareerMelissa Alam
3 Phrases Every Femme Freelancer Should Practice

There's a slew of upsides and benefits to being a freelancer: flexible hours, increased earning potential, diversity of work and projects. But (real talk) there are also some serious downsides: increased liability, inconsistent cash flow, limited resources, and not to mention, standing your ground against pushy, flaky, or demanding clients. As a woman who freelances, I’ve experienced discrimination, degradation, and disrespect from clients, and I’ve learned a few phrases to help me clap back when my boundaries are crossed.

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The Fearless Femme: Mia Davis

Today's #FearlessFemme is Mia Davis, an entrepreneur and UX designer shaking up the sex-ed industry with the app Tabú, "a network and educational resource that connects young people with one another and a wide array of 'sexperts.'" Mia and her team have worked relentlessly to design and execute a beautiful resource that actually connects with our generation - goodbye awkward health class and conversations with our parents! We're so excited about the significance of Tabú when it comes to sex education and can't wait to learn more about Mia below!

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