7 Things to Leave Behind When You Move Into Your Own Apartment



Ok, so not literally everything, but it feels SO good to free yourself from all the crap. That old blanket you have from your first ex? Ditch it. The vacuum you stole from your rich college neighbor's trash pile on move out day? Ditch it. You deserve nice things. Nice doesn’t have to mean expensive, but it should add value to your life. If something is causing more harm than good, get rid of it. Let’s be honest, we all know that vacuum spits out more dust than it sucks up!


What better time than now to clean out your closet? If you get rid of it before you move, that just means you have less stuff to haul. We know you’re never going to wear that denim miniskirt again so donate it or take it to Plato’s Closet. Best part? You’ll get money for a new outfit and have plenty of room in your new closet.


Lucky for you, you no longer need to take out a small personal loan to purchase a quality mattress. Thanks to modern mattress companies like Casper, you can have an awesome bed delivered to the doorstep of your new place and have enough cash leftover for a bottle of rosé to celebrate. 


You know what the best part of having your own place is? Not having to share your stuff. No one will treat your stuff as well as you do, and I’m sure your pots and pans would be the first ones to tell you that. Toss the pans with all the scratches and get yourself a brand new set that you can cherish. Feel like adulting super hard? Hunt down a cast iron skillet and smother it with love. You’ll thank us later.


You worked SO hard to get into a new place, have it all to yourself, and you’re going to keep that raggedy old thing? A couch is a major purchase, but it is also a majorly important one. Having a place where you feel comfortable and can relax means everything, and you deserve it. 


Yep, we said it. We know books are amazing and smell great and make you look like the smart, well-rounded person that you are. You know what else they are? Heavy. Sift through and find the ones that really mean something to you. Only allow yourself to fill one box. It’ll help you decide which books truly need to come along to this next stage of life. We know it'll require some emotional labor. As a reward, head to the local book store and grab yourself a new read. Don’t open it until you are settled into your new home. It’ll help you get through all the unpacking if you know there’s a sweet treat at the end.


We know your parents were super excited to help you decorate your first apartment. We’re sure they showed up with tons of stuff from their basement and Big Lots. We’re sure you appreciated it. We’re also sure you hate it now. After years of living in shared housing, you are finally getting a chance to do whatever you want with your space! You don’t have to worry about where your roommate thinks that print should go, or where you can put the lamp your mom gave you so no one can see it. Embrace the excitement. Give yourself a budget and go nuts. Overwhelmed? No worries. Go room by room and take your time. It is easier to conquer one room than an entire house or apartment.

Can't figure out whether it stays or goes? The Marie Kondo method is called “life-changing” for a reason. All it takes is one simple question, "Does it bring me joy?" If you hesitate for even a second, leave it behind. There is no room in your life (or your new place) for something that doesn't make you excited for this next chapter. 


Amanda Marie is big 'ol queer, hailing from (upstate) New York, whose interests mostly include drinking fancy beverages and talking to her mom on the phone too much. When she's not sleuthing around the Internet, she can be found hanging out with her two short-legged dogs, watching teen dramas about witches. To enjoy her in all of her real-time glory, follow her on Twitter @girlputinwerk.