10 Tips For An Insta-Worthy, Stress-Free Girls' Trip


People love to travel – even if it’s just to get away for the weekend. The Office for National Statistics reports that around 2.3 million people visit the United Kingdom every month and as many as 4.2 million local residents travel abroad each month. Among these travelers are, of course, packs of fearsome women. A girls only trip is often a great way for women to reconnect and relieve some of their stress. But a girls’ only trip can be unpredictable – accidents can happen at any time and a fight could ruin everything. However, planning ahead for every scenario can ensure the good times continue until the end. We’ve compiled a list of 10 essential tips that will help you plan for a stress-free girls only trip that will be perfect for the soul and the Instagram feed.

Be In Control

If you are planning the trip, then you should be in control at all times. It's vital in such a situation that someone stays on top of what’s happening to avoid conflicts from arising. Get everyone together and discuss how everything will work – take the group's opinions regarding the trip into consideration, but ensure they know you are in charge.

Choose The Right People

You may have hundreds of friends, but there is a good chance that everyone is not part of the same friend circle and that at least two of your friends will not like each other. For this reason, it is essential that you carefully choose who to take. Make sure you do not choose two people who may have conflict and start a fight.

Choose The Right Destination

Apart from choosing the right circle of friends, you also need to put a lot of emphasis on the location that you will be going to. Remember that you are not taking a family trip, so you need to take the suggestions of your friends into consideration when making a decision. Also, make sure the destination is appropriate for the occasion – a simple weekend getaway may not be appropriate for a bachelorette party destination.

Choose The Right Time

Timing your trip is also important. You should time your trip in such a way that you get access to all the special rates, but at a time when the destination would not be overly crowded. If you’re going to the beach, also ensure you will be there during summer months when the sun is out.

Make Use Of Trip Planning Apps

Planning a girls only trip can be quite daunting, so you need to use all the resources that are available at your disposal. Travel planning apps are very convenient and can come in handy. There are thousands of different apps available that you can download on your smartphone; thus allowing you to have everything on hand at all times. TripCase, Tripit, and WorldMate are all excellent apps that you can use.

Keep Things Organized

Not being organized can easily create chaos. Try using a personal organizer app to keep track of everything you want to do. Google’s suite of apps, including Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Sheets are very helpful. Apple also has their own list of organization and productivity apps that can be utilized. While organizing the trip, ensure your own life is in order. Be sure to take everything you need with you, including sunscreen, makeup, and all other necessities.

Find The Best Transportation Option

While the first choice may be to take a flight to the destination, it could sometimes also be the most expensive option. Remember that taking a car or even a train when traveling locally is also a good option. A train would allow you and your friends to see a lot of beautiful landscapes; thus keeping your options open is essential in this situation.

Learn More About The Destination

While you are most likely going on the trip for the experience, you should not pitch up at your destination without knowing anything about it. Some countries have different laws than others, which you should know before your arrival. Apart from laws, you should also take a look at some locations that you would like to visit.

Make Money Hacks Your Best Friend

Going on this type of trip can be costly, so you probably want to save as much money as possible. Thus, making holiday money hacks your new best friend is a really good idea. News Australia recommends opting for a destination that is not as commonly visited and opting for stopover flights as this often costs less than one-way flights. They also recommend using a debit card that allows you to spend in the destination’s local currency so that you can avoid paying unnecessary fees.

Know How To Deal With Conflict

Even if you go to every extent to avoid conflict, it can still happen. The way you handle conflict can make a big difference. If and when one occurs, try to stop the argument and allow for a break. Once the conflict has passed, it is also important to sit down and talk it out. Honesty should be respected in such a situation, and everyone should be free to speak from their hearts.


Want to take a trip with your girls? Make sure you do some planning. Conflict can start a fight, not being organized can cause problems and not properly planning can wreak havoc. Instead, follow the simple tips we’ve outlined here to make sure it all goes well.


Ella James is a freelance journalist who specializes in fitness, health, nutrition, and travel. Get connected with her on Facebook and Twitter.