How to Make Time for a Side Hustle

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ladies, we all have that “aha!” moment in our lives when brilliant ideas hit us like lightning. Be it a business idea, a side project, or a new hobby — how do we make time for these in our busy, nine to five schedules? You don’t have to squander these ideas because you are bound to your full-time job. After all, side hustling can help you get extra money and it can serve as your creative outlet to do what you love. But then again, there’s always that question, “where do I find time?

Along with other side-hustling ladies, here are our top tips and tricks to help you get that headway to your own projects.

Get up Early or Sleep Late, Pick One

I work full-time for a branding agency as a digital marketing specialist but I was always into writing since I was thirteen. I wanted to build my writing portfolio, problem is, I have no related experience to start doing freelance work nor do I have time because of my day job.

I started pitching articles to several websites, invested time and effort by taking in unpaid work, and slowly gained my writing experience. Because I’m most productive in the morning, I typically wake up a couple of hours early to work on an article.

When You See Extra Time, Grab it & Guard it

Be that 15-minute break, waiting in line for your coffee, or walking your dog, that “extra” time shows up as an opportunity. What do you do? You grab it and guard it like your favorite dessert.

“It takes me 30 minutes to drive to work — that’s some precious time spent driving and nothing else. I decided to take advantage of this extra (yet wasted) time and started commuting to work instead. I spend my travel time wisely reading and replying to client emails. It made so much difference in my busy schedule!” shares Mary Wilson.

Mary works as an architectural designer at a construction firm. She often meets up with clients as part of her full-time job and spends her travel time efficiently by side hustling interior design.

Make Use of Your Hobbies

“It was nearly impossible for me to do anything else after working 12 hours, sometimes even more, everyday. But I always find my passion behind the camera which turned into a freelance work,” says Hannah Grant.

Do you have any hobby you can stretch out into something that puts extra cash in your pocket, like Hannah? She works several hours a day selling handmade ring candles and bath bombs so she sacrificed her weekends for photography opportunities instead of sleeping in or resting at home. But she doesn’t feel like it’s work because she’s having fun — talk about two birds and one stone.

Don’t Be a Slave to Time

“I’m never a slave to time. I accomplish this by treating my time as if I have nowhere to be regardless of what is coming next. This keeps my focus on what I am doing at the moment. Living in the now makes me feel more fulfilled and less stressed,” says Brittney Thorburn.

Following a strict schedule may seem like a good strategy but we tend to fixate on what's coming next instead of what’s happening now. To balance her personal activities and career as a service advisor at a car repair shop, Brittney strives to be in control of her daily events and time by having a mental list of things that need to be accomplished.

Create a To-Do List & Prioritize Wisely

“It’s all about the choices you make. If you choose to spend your time procrastinating instead of working, time for any side hustle is simply impossible. Learn to say ‘no’ to things or situations that are not in your to-do list,” shares Lisa Martin.

When Lisa is not working as a Yoga instructor, you’ll see her jumping between clients as an event planner. How does she manage all this work? It sounds elementary, but her secret weapon is the classic to-do list. Every day she jots down all the tasks she needs to accomplish on that day, which in return, makes her mind less clouded and more focused.

Let Go of Your Worries

“By bringing awareness to our thoughts, we can train our mind to focus on the tasks that are truly important and need to be accomplished now. Letting go of negative thinking and giving our attention to the possibility in life is a powerful practice when it comes to creating the results we say are important,” shares Marie Soprovich. 

Client meetings, deadlines, financial pressures, paperwork — our daily workload whether running a business or simply working within a business can leaves us physically and mentally drain at the end of day. You can feel stuck and unable to make room for other tasks, like that new hobby, time for fitness or family, or even that creative project that’s been in the back of your mind.  To stay on top of things, Marie keeps a journal where she regularity jots down her ideas and thoughts — pages of it. She runs a home improvement firm while writing for several magazines and websites on the side. To keep her body and mind healthy, she often meditates, which in return, improves her attention, concentration, and makes her more productive.

Commit to a Hustle Night

“I designated a ‘bake day night’ where I completely set my mind to focus and do nothing but bake,” says Christina Roy.

Time is constant and is something you can’t control. But there’s one thing you can completely take over — your mind. It’s not about controlling time but controlling yourself and learning to prioritize what needs to be. Cristina works as a creative director by day but her job responsibilities sometimes go beyond the nine to five shift. To commit to her weekly orders, she dedicated her Wednesday nights to baking alone — no client calls, no paperwork, just her and her sweet treats.

We all are consumed by our full-time jobs and topping it off with a side hustle? It can feel insanely overwhelming — I know. But a side project that you love can spark excitement and motivation. It’s a matter of knowing the balance between your career and passion. So ladies, hustle up! We got a lot of things to do.

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