Redefining Accessible Luxury with Adylia Gutierrez

Meet Adylia Gutierrez, the creative and powerful force the behind rapidly growing leather goods company Adees Co. Adylia partnered with Danny Simpson, Premier League Champion & Leicester City Soccer star, to launch an elegant line featuring affordable yet high quality pieces. While Adylia drew inspiration from her business background obtained at Philadelphia's Temple University Fox School of Business, Danny assumed the role of "color schemes and shapes master" to create a collection that dares to dance somewhere between feminine and masculine. Adees Co. offers everything from leather totes and clutches to shoulder bags and accessories. Keep reading to learn more about Adylia and what she else has in store for her international business.

Femme & Fortune: Hi Adylia! Tell us about Adees Co. What should F&F readers know about it?

Adylia: Hi F&F! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I think F&F readers should know that Adees Co is the coolest brand they haven't discovered yet! I rebranded (originally grandmother's premier clothing line) Adees Co as a more accessible and attainable leather goods company. Adees Co is based on quality, fun, and accessibility.


Femme & Fortune: On the Adees Co website says you offer, "Genuine leather for genuine people." What does that mean?

Adylia: The slogan "Genuine Leather for Genuine People" was a direct response to the gap in the market. Women, when I first started, wanted current and quality bags without being a walking advertisement. I myself was getting ready to travel and wanted a large, simple leather tote. At that time my choices ranged from a leather bag at $950 or vegan leather for $185. I saw the gap and knew there were other women who wanted quality handbags at a good price. I played around with the wording and got the slogan to represent people who know what they want, won't settle and are confident.


Femme & Fortune: What’s your all-time favorite Adees Co product?

Adylia: That's hard! I would say the "Isabel" is my all-time favorite product. I love how it's modern with a vintage edge. Plus, it forces me to only pack the necessities!

The core of Adees Co is to make sure people feel valued and love their purchase. – Adylia Gutierrez


Femme & Fortune: What/who inspires you?

Adylia: At this moment Danny Simpson inspires me. I've been so fortunate to work and learn so much from him! I think in numbers with my business background but he feels. He is avant-garde and the color schemes & shapes he created forced me to break out of my comfort zone. Plus he came up with "MR" for our collection! I wish I could take credit for two letters summing up a line.


Femme & Fortune: Is there a product in your line that has an interesting story behind it?

Adylia: Hmmm... The holdall — well the color scheme of the holdall — has an interesting story. I wanted to play it safe and do a more vibrant shade of a standard color, but Danny wanted the color to not only show stylish travel but passion and complexity. Yes, I myself was stumped. We ended up creating a marble-esque color that makes me proud. (There is also a black holdall available online.)


Femme & Fortune: Since founding Adees Co, what's been your biggest challenge? Your biggest success?

Adylia: Tough and good question! I would say my biggest challenge has been learning that I can't make everyone happy and not stressing over things I can't control.

My biggest success would have to be the happy customers! The core of Adees Co is to make sure people feel valued and love their purchase.


Femme & Fortune: What can readers expect from your line in 2017?

Adylia: Readers can expect a more masculine and universal style from the "MR" line. I love mixing masculine and feminine pieces. An example is the toiletry bag that is undeniably masculine in design but soft enough for a woman because of the leather.


Femme & Fortune: Is there anything else we should know?

Adylia: I would say that the "MR" line has something for everyone. Stylistically, I would say this is our best yet and can't wait for everyone to see it! Thank you, F&F!!

Thank you to Adylia for chatting with Femme & Fortune and being such a boss lady. To check out her line, visit Adees Co., or follow along on Instagram.