How to Get a Raise in 180 Days

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Finding a job you love can be tough. Finding a job you love that pays you well can be nearly impossible. Once you know you are at the right company and with the right people, developing a relationship with your employer is crucial to ensuring your paycheck is where you need it to be. It’s important to advocate for yourself and make your financial needs known to your employer and to maintain an open conversation about your growth. Employers want to see that you are actively considering your future and building upon your experiences to better yourself and the company. After discussing the topic with a top communications employer in Philly, I have laid out the top five things you can do to get a raise in 180 days.

  1. Keep a Positive Attitude

We all know the feeling well. It’s Monday morning, you have not had your coffee yet, and a difficult assignment comes in. You have a couple of options. One: you can complain to your coworkers, bemoan the difficulty of the assignment to your superiors, and complete the project as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Two: you can seek help and cooperation from your coworkers, request guidance from your superiors, and carefully and thoroughly work through the task at hand.

The way you approach a project not only affects the result, it affects the spirit of those around you. Be positive!

  1. Play Well with Others

The one aspect of post-collegiate work life that struck me the most is the necessity of being a team player. Unlike in school, where your workload, success, and failure were entirely upon your shoulders, in the working world, there is almost always someone else depending on you, and someone on whom you are depending. Be mindful of other’s time and responsibilities, and do what you can to lighten their load. In turn, you can lean on those around you when you need support.

  1. Know Your Stuff

Take the initiative to learn more about your industry. It’s easy to hang up your work hat when the clock strikes 5 pm and not put it on again until the next morning. Investing in the time to learn more about your particular sector at a conference, from a blog, or from thought leaders in your space will not only show your employer that you are serious about your job, but it will also help you take the steps to further your career. Bosses notice the difference between people who treat their job as just that and people who come at their work with intellectual curiosity and a hunger for knowledge and self-improvement.

  1. Recover & Persevere

When you are working a mile a minute, mistakes are inevitable. Whether it is sending an internal email to a client or forgetting a project all together, work mistakes can make you want to swallow your own head and melt into a puddle at your desk. However, hiding a mistake, blaming someone else, or becoming too overwhelmed to move not only hurts your performance further, but it is also detrimental to the company as a whole. Recover from your mistakes and push through the difficult times. Your boss does not expect you to be perfect, but he or she does expect you to own up to your mistakes and do what you can to make things right.

  1. Don’t Think About Getting a Raise in 180 Days

The most important bit of advice I have to get a raise is not to try to get a raise. Work hard because you love your job and because you love your team. If your end goal is a monetary reward, you will not only fail in your pursuit, you will also be less intellectually and emotionally fulfilled by your job. Working to achieve a better understanding of your industry and to hone your skills will serve you well in your career growth, and your employer will undoubtedly take notice.

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