Five Fitness Favorites for 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]At the beginning of each year, people around the country flock to gyms en masse in search of a quick fix to reverse the effects of holiday indulging. With all of the health and wellness trends out there—whether it be dousing yourself in coconut oil or chugging apple cider vinegar—it is easy to feel overwhelmed with options. However, the key to life-long health is not about unearthing the secret that gives Bey that effervescent glow and killer bod; it’s finding a fitness and nutrition routine that works for you and enables consistency. These classes will help you reach your fitness goals and maintain healthy habits year round.  

Cardio/Lifting Combo

People often think that the only way to burn calories and blast fat is to hit the treadmill. Although cardio is an important part of general fitness, a well-rounded routine, incorporating weights and interval work, will help you see faster results and keep you engaged in your workout.  Classes at studios like Unite Fitness are doing just that.

Unite begins with 30 minutes of cardio interval training that gets you warmed up and your blood pumping. Just when you feel like you have had enough and are ready to go home, you quickly switch gears to a weightlifting program, alternating between low weights with high reps and high weights with low reps. You will hit every major muscle group in these 30 minutes, and by mixing in some jump squats or mountain climbers, you will be keeping your heart rate up and burning fat. To finish, the instructor guides you through 15 minutes of yoga to soothe the muscles you have just pushed to their limits.

These all-encompassing workouts will take your fitness levels to new heights and make you hurt in places you didn’t even know you had.


Whether the cold keeps you off the trails, your joints have taken a beating, or you simply detest running, spinning may be the perfect workout for you. Spin classes have had a makeover in the recent years. Now, entering a class at Flywheel or Soul Cycle can feel like you are hitting the club, complete with bumping Top 40 hits, EDM, and black lights. Additionally, these classes allow you to track your progress throughout the class, and then you can compare your performance to previous classes on an app.  

These interval-intense workouts will have you falling off the bike a sweaty mess—and looking nothing like the spinners in Ariana Grande’s Side to Side.

Pop-up Workouts

It is not always cheap to be fit. From classes, to yoga pants, to that organic peanut butter at Trader Joe’s, it can feel like you have to spend to lose.  Throughout the city, people are coming together to develop fitness routines that require no studio, no equipment, and no cost. The November Project is a national fitness organization that meets first thing in the morning, and neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom

will stop these fitness junkies. Workouts consist of stair running, squats, pushups, and plenty of hugs and cheering to keep you going!

For other pop-up workouts, be sure to check out Be Well Philly for the latest and greatest free fitness fiestas.

Hot Yoga

Yoga is a key aspect to any fitness routine. It allows you to be more mentally connected to your body, to remain aware of areas causing you discomfort, and to stretch, because really, no one stretches enough. The moment you walk into the Hot Yoga studio and that thick, 94-degree air envelops your aching muscles, you almost forget about the frigid weeks ahead—almost. Most hot yoga classes last around an hour and a half, and they focus on syncing your breath to your movements as you transition through standard yoga poses. You will build up your core, flexibility, and tolerance for the atmosphere of Aruba.


Have aspirations to be a ballerina but didn’t have the skill? Now is your chance to feel like Misty Copeland in the Pure Barre studio where you will be taken through a workout inspired by training sessions of prima ballerinas.  

Barre classes focus on small, repeated movements that help to build strength and tone. This may sound easy, but trust me, after about 100 heel raises while holding a low squat, you will be begging for mercy and on your way to becoming a sugar plum fairy.

No matter what workout you choose, taking the time for self-care this year is a resolution we can all get behind.

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