How To Stay Trendy For Your Next Holiday Party

The holidays are here, and while that means there are plenty of tasty cookies to go around, it also means that calendars are bursting with social events. It seems that a holiday season can’t go by without at least one party popping up that you’re somewhat dreading. Maybe it’s your old high school friend’s bash or a family get-together that’s never very fun, but there’s always one particular holiday soiree that takes the cake for least anticipated. Enter the office Christmas party. Not only do you see your colleagues more than your actual family or S.O., but now you have to celebrate the holidays with them too. Even if you like your co-workers, office parties can be tricky business. Though the party is a more relaxed atmosphere than a usual work day (hello, egg nog!), there's still some ambiguity when it comes to picking out an outfit.

Let’s just tell it like it is. You can’t wear your gorgeous new plunging-V jumpsuit to this party, so save it for a friend’s shindig. But you also want to show your colleagues your stylish side, proving that your wardrobe consists of more than pencil skirts and black pumps. So, how do you dress appropriately for your office Christmas party? Here are our tips.

Cut is crucial

Yes, you have amazing legs and a fabulous shape, but you don’t need your boss and everyone else ogling over your assets. With that being said, the cut of your dress or outfit is crucial: not too low on top and not too high on the bottom. Think of your usual work outfit “rules” and loosen them up a bit without getting too sexy.

Call in some color

Where you can’t accentuate on cut, bring in the flattering colors. As Bustle says, “Why not add a festive color?” You’ll want to stand out in a sea of LBDs, and the best way to do that is to wear a fiery ruby hue or a gorgeous emerald. Seasonal, yet tasteful.

It’s all about the accessories

The key to looking appropriate at your office Christmas party is to wear something basic but to then spruce it up with a myriad of stunning accessories. There's tons of accessory inspiration on Lyst with bags, belts, hats and more to give you some ideas. A pair of “party shoes” will instantly amp up your ensemble with ease, as would a fun clutch. Try pairing fun footwear with a sparkly bag to turn your plain outfit into suddenly chic!

Try texture

If you’re sick of wearing the same thing over and over again, mix things up this year with some fresh textures. You can wear your favorite top with some cool velvet pants to take things up a notch. Or try adding some faux fur to your look in the form of a chic coat or embellished shoes. You’ll be completely on-trend with a great blend of both style and class.

When in doubt, shine

There is arguably nothing more holiday-feeling than a dress that shimmers and shines. Since a glimmering dress is enough to grab people’s attention, you can keep the rest of your look generally simple, making the overall look glamorous yet approachable. It’s the perfect mix of showing off your style without going overboard. The Muse has a great example for how to balance metallic fabrics with simple style for an incredible look. Regardless of the outfit, make sure to have fun and own it this holiday season!