7 Things Successful Women Do Differently


Success can mean a lot of different things. For some, professional success is the ultimate goal. For others, finding an internal sense of peace and happiness is the dream. Regardless of what success looks like to you, there are some common traits that successful people, especially women, possess.

They have a voice and know how to use it.

Perhaps the most important point here is that successful women know how to stand up for themselves. They know how to confidently ask for a raise or promotion, and they know how to say no to taking on more work than they can handle. They unapologetically stand up for themselves in the face of adversity, and they don’t let this voice get in the way of their kindness and gratitude. They know that success doesn’t mean that compassion goes out the window.

They are time-management superheroes.

The more successful you get, the less time you will have on your hands. Part of being a time-management superhero means not doing everything yourself. Delegating tasks or seeking help on a project may loosen your control over things, but it’s all for the best. For successful women looking to carve more hours out of a day, they opt for waking up a bit earlier to squeeze in some personal time such as exercise, meditation or a passion project before the day’s usual hustle-and-bustle begins. What’s more, successful women have a tendency to respect other people’s time by being punctual and being timely.

They listen.

Seeing as many successful women are also authority figures in some way, the listening part is critical. Lending an ear to employees, children, or students who are having a problem will facilitate a leadership founded on respect and admiration rather than fear. And if your herds are happy, they’ll support your success, too.

They are selective when it comes to relationships.

If you’re familiar with Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, you may recall her observation that the partners of successful women tend to be supportive of their success. Partners who (explicitly or implicitly) discourage women from their goals can really derail momentum. A successful woman knows how to choose her relationships wisely, wasting no time on those who refuse to foster a supportive environment.

They take care of themselves.

Success, while rewarding, can also take a toll on mental and physical well-being. Successful women are skilled at maintaining a balance on all fronts. Exercise, alone time, socializing, and some high quality sleep should never take a backseat.

They aren’t afraid to go back to the drawing board.

If a project or goal goes awry, successful women are fearless when tackling a problem in a new way. Sometimes this may mean seeking an additional source of education, learning new skills, and evaluating past failure with tenacity. Promoting this regular state of evolution is one of the basic foundations of personal and professional growth, and successful women embrace it.

They’ve got passion.

No matter their area of success—whether it be parenting, professional, or individual well-being—they always have the passion to make it a realization. Successful women don’t approach their goals in a perfunctory or obligatory manner. Instead, they enjoy the journey and it’s that passion that drives and motivates them to do better!

It’s important to remember that no two women are alike, so don’t get discouraged if not all of these habits work for you. It’s just a good idea to reevaluate what things are and aren’t working for you, especially if you find that you’re in a rut. Also remember to be kind to yourself. Setbacks and failure are a necessary part of the process. So channel your persistence to help you succeed!