App of the Week: Kindara Fertility Awareness


If you’re anything like me, you might often view your internal parts as a literal “Pandora’s box.”

You’re constantly leaking strange fluids, never sure if your period is coming early or late this month, or never sure if you’ve suddenly sprouted another miraculous yeast infection. Constantly you mumble to yourself “WTF was that?!”

Does that sound familiar?

Or maybe - unlike me - you’ve been fighting to get pregnant, but you’re never sure when it is the right time to try?

It’s unfortunate for women (and men) that so little education in the United States is focused on the anatomy of our reproductive system. Many people never learn the nuances of the cervix, and instead are left knowing little about how it all works down there. As for me, it took years of picking up tidbits of information from other women before I really had a picture of what all the functions and surprises really meant.

Luckily most women have the support of nurses that specialize in women’s health. These nurses and practitioners make up the majority of women’s sources for education on their reproductive cycle. Unfortunately for some, not everyone can afford access to specialists and healthcare.

Instead, enter in the new fertility app: Kindara.

Kindara is a fertility awareness app that is available on Apple and Android smartphone devices. The intention of the app is to educate, empower, and either help achieve or prevent pregnancy.

Kindara's mission is to give women and men the tools, knowledge and power to navigate their fertility with clarity and confidence.

The science behind it is a simple two-step process. When you wake up in the morning, take your temperature to calculate your “basal body temperature.” Then check your cervical fluid and note down specific aspects about it. Cervical fluid is a completely natural bodily function and will change throughout your monthly cycle. Once you’ve tracked your data for a few weeks, you can get an accurate idea of your natural ovulation cycle.

The app also gives you access to the Kindara community forum. By having conversations with other women across the nation in a safe online environment, you can feel empowered and open to asking any and all questions you may have been too nervous to ask your doctor or mother. Imagine the possibilities!

I’m excited to see the potential for an app like Kindara. I hope to see it accessible for all women across the globe in hopes that it can benefit their lives. No more surprise pregnancies for mothers who can’t afford another child. There’s even the possibility that a disease like Zika will affect fewer newborns if more women in South America and other affected areas have access to a fertility awareness app like Kindara.

The company is proud to talk about female fertility, and they want you to be as well. Help them bend the social norms around the female body, and progress the understanding of the feminine around the world. Will you join the movement?