The Truth About Fad Diets


Today, there are a myriad of diets promising extraordinary results in no time. With each passing day, we are witnessing new ways of making the weight loss process as fast as lightning. Most often, various gurus and experts come up with a few foods they proclaim to be the holy grail of nutrition - the only thing you need to eat in order to cut down weight. Even though some of these diets induce the weight loss process, they do much more than that to your organs, and can even put your health in danger.

A Raw Deal

Let us initially turn our attention to the raw food diet. At first glance, everything makes perfect sense: eating vegetables and fruits while reducing the amount of junk food you consume is beneficial for your health and weight loss efforts. However, the problem is that this kind of diet wages war against all kinds of processed and cooked food. Raw foodies claim that cooking reduces the nutritional value of food, which is not exactly true. In fact, this process kills bacteria, while also boosting nutrients in some instances.

Much the same is the case with the macrobiotic diet, another crusade against processed foods. Following its rigid guidelines can be hard and even lead to nutritional deficiencies. So, before embracing whole grains, veggies, and fruits, consult a dietician and see how well you would adapt to such a lifestyle. Some other diets like the alkaline diet one go a step further, urging people to eliminate the consumption of meat, alcohol, dairy, sweets, caffeine, artificial and processed foods. According to its propagators, all you need are fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Do We Need A Fresh Start?

Turning to fresh produce is another positive point of the alkaline diet. However, do not underestimate the capacity of our body to keep pH levels in check. Cutting back processed fare does not have such a decisive impact, and even worse, some of the banned foods have their rightful place in a healthy diet. The five-bite diet is also worth mentioning: this is an absurd notion that you should eat whatever you want, but only five bites per meal. Well, even giant bites will not supply your body with sufficient calories, so keep a close eye on any diet with such limiting rules.

Furthermore, note that many diets are based on fragile scientific foundations. For example, blood-type diet supporters argue that the foods we eat react chemically with blood. By using that logic, people with type A blood should go vegetarian, and those with type O must avoid wheat and dairy. Well, there is no evidence that something like this is actually true. What is more, this diet is quite restrictive for people with certain blood types. What do we even say about the werewolf diet, which advocates feasting according to the lunar calendar?

It is a good idea not to trust quick fixes and always do your research before choosing the best course of action. Bear in mind that fruits and vegetables are probably the only types of food that can be consumed in unlimited amounts. Still, eating only them is not the best thing to do. Avoid the pitfall of nutritional deficiency at all cost, even if it means slower weight loss. So, if you are wondering about cheat days, feel free to fit them into your diet plan. In fact, they are more than an occasional treat, and present a stimulus that both your mind and body needs. With a bit of this benevolent swindling, you may replenish substances you organs lack, and safeguard your health better.

A Dead Weight

Improving your eating habits is one of the most effective tactics to stay healthy and get back in shape. However, solid results do not occur overnight, and anyone claiming the opposite probably do not have your best interests in mind. Steer clear of arbitrary rules, promises that sound too good to be true (because they are not), and flashy commercials. Many great diets are snowed in under lousy ones, so find ways of cutting through the clutter and employ plans that work for you in a healthy way.e