Your Wedding, Your Way

It was not until recently, when I was enlisted to be a bridesmaid for a dear friend, that I realized the true enormity of the endeavor that is pulling off a wedding. White linens? Pick a shade; we have 80.  Choose a maid of honor? Insult half your friends. Throw in a photo-booth? Why not!? Each choice seems to come with the weight of someone’s expectation of what a wedding should look like. Though some of the same wedding topes remain alive, now more than ever people are given more freedom to choose when to get married, who to marry, and how to get married. So as spring showers bring May flowers, gardenias if they suit you, let’s get ready for a dash of the new this season with some trends that highlight what is unique about you.

The Proposal

Be it a flash mob or a French restaurant, the ways to pop the question are as abundant as your mother’s disapproving glances at your raucous friends at the reception.

Relationships are a group affair. Long gone are the days of courting when two strangers would be introduced with the intent of forming a union. Now, odds are, you have known your significant other for some time, as a friend, a friend of a friend, a classmate, or a colleague. It has become more common for a relationship to bloom amongst the support and understanding of mutual friends. It takes a village… So why not include the people who where there for all the ups and downs, who know all the good stories, in your proposal process?

More couples are choosing to round up the old gang to plan a surprise where you first met, arrange an a capella song, or choreograph a dance.

However it happens, be sure to document the special moment! If you don't tweet about it, did it even happen?

The Prep

So you’ve made a couple decisions, such as who to marry—good job, that’s the big one. When to get married, also important, since the season basically chooses the colors for you. But how to get married? That’s a tough one. With so many themes, it’s hard to pick which perfectly represents you as a couple, and keeps all the in-laws happy.

Utilizing the most popular themes by handpicking the particular aspects that work for you will help you concoct your perfect wedding theme hybrid.

Perhaps you’ll choose a nod to the old-world with a birdcage veil paired with a modern, knee length dress for a look that encapsulates classic sophistication.

Combine your romance and your partner’s whimsy by beginning your ceremony with a rose petal laden entrance and top it off with a silly photo-shoot.

Or if your love was fated in a galaxy far, far away, maybe throw in a mason jar or two to give your galactic wedding a hint of rustic flare.  

Whatever theme you choose, let your theme, or themes, inspire you, not confine your style.

The Big Day

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in pursuit of a perfect wedding will be sorely disappointed.  No amount of painstaking planning will ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.  One trend you should certainly break this season: the stress. Know that things will go wrong and embrace it. After all the hard work put into crafting the wedding of your dreams, don’t ruin it by overthinking. When the big day comes, there are only three things you need to do:

Get married. Have fun. Don’t end up on Bridezillas.