Live in Technicolor: Alternatives for Nude Makeup

Nude makeup shades have become incredibly popular this past year, with many women flocking to the stores and to their laptops, looking for their perfect beige and brown colors to complement their look. While it is admirable that women are embracing a more natural look, it all feels a bit plain. It almost seems that women have lost their sense of playfulness when it comes to their beauty regimens. Applying makeup is, in essence, coloring the face. We could all step up our makeup game by introducing some true color to our routines. If only for a brief trial period, you should ignore your Kylie Jenner lip color, and recognize the whole spectrum of possibilities. Consider these your new neutrals.

Instead of Black … Wear Green Eyeliner

Dark green suits most eye colors while maintaining intensity around the eye. Pull it off with a natural rosy lip color or a soft blush. It's much softer than black or brown and will add that pop of color that you need!


Instead of Brown … Wear Burgundy Eyeshadow

The smoky eye look is not very daytime friendly, but is flattering on most women. A burgundy eyeshadow is equally charming and easy to wear. Burgundy is almost a neutral and became commonplace when Marsala was named color of the year in 2015. It is a dark color with a warmth to it that makes it feel natural on the skin.


Instead of Nude … Wear Berry Lipstick     

Most women now have at least one go-to nude lip color, as it has dramatically increased in popularity recently. I have surrendered to this as well with multiple lipsticks in a rainbow of beige. The lips are ideal for playing with color and can brighten up the face with a single swipe. A color that’s been incredibly popular on the runways is a berry red. In varying shades, this color works on all skin types and aesthetics. It is also a nice change from the classic cherry red.

revlon-coral-reef-blush-swatch (1)

Instead of Bronzer … Wear Blush

While blush is still a staple in every makeup girl’s arsenal, lately it has become a backup dancer to bronzer. Take it easy on the contouring and think more about your blush. Is it mauve, red, pink or orange? Not every blush is created equal. Some of those shades you never considered could be your new go-to.

There is nothing wrong with keeping to a more neutral color palette; if the nudes work best for you, embrace that. Remember that you have options! You can play up your skin tone with colors that do not match it perfectly. In your regular makeup routine, swap out at least two elements for their colorful counterparts. Even the most adamant fans of neutrals might be surprised by how much they like the difference.

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