Past Event: The Art of Transition (Philadelphia)

We've all felt it before - that slump in our day to day when it comes to our careers and lives. But rarely ever do we openly talk about these major life transitions and how to survive them. Regardless of where we are in our transitional phases (anywhere from thinking about taking the leap, being right in the middle of it, or successfully moving out of it), it's time we start the conversation. How do we deal with a career that doesn't ignite us? How do we maintain or find our passions in life? What are some resources we could use to help us throughout the process? What can we do on a day-to-day basis to help us grow? Join us for an open and honest chat on the art of transition, featuring six local Philadelphians below and their personal journeys.


As part of Philly Tech WeekFemme & Fortune and Dino are happy to co-host this event at the Saxbys Headquarters in Rittenhouse. Doors open at 6pm for the event, and drinks and snacks will be provided. See you then!

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