Transitioning Your Look from Day to Night

The struggles of a busy gal are shared across the country. I’m sure many women can agree that although it’s great to keep busy, it really can be difficult running from one activity to the next, day in and day out. What makes it especially more difficult is when these activities are worlds apart when it comes to dress code. One of the most common on-the-go woes of women is how to dress for a work-to-happy hour run. It’s not easy to transform a daytime look into a bar-ready nighttime look. But luckily there are plenty of tips out there that help to make the transition just a bit easier. Tactics can be as simple as accessory switch-outs or better planning. For all of the women out there looking for ways to transition your daytime look into a sultry after-sundown style, search no more. I’ve rounded up some of the best tips I could find.

Take it from Celebs

042413-leather-leggings-400_1I find it helpful to gather inspiration from the people who have fashion stylists on-hand at all times: celebrities. They always look chic, even when running errands, so it’s useful to see how they might transform their outfits from day to night (with the help of a stylist). InStyle’s "Celeb-Inspired Outfits to Take You From Day to Night" is chock full of great outfit ideas that can be suitable for work-to-play days.

Accessories are King

One of the most useful proponents in the transitional outfit game is the world of accessories. Accessories have the power to transform any outfit into anything you want it to be—so why not use them to make a daytime look appropriate for after-hours? Stash a leopard print belt in your “emergency kit” to be brought out when you need to sass up your ensemble—or hide a sizzling pair of red heels in the kit.

A Blazer Cures All

blazer womanwithinJust like accessories hold immense ensemble-changing powers, so does the ever-stylish blazer. Especially convenient if you’re heading from the office to happy hour, a blazer is versatile enough for both occasions. On WomanWithin, there are plenty of examples of playful blazers that take the stuffiness out of the garment, making it a playtime friendly option! The best clothing items are the ones that work for both day and night; you just have to know how to style them. Balance is the key to transparency.

Change Your Clothes’ Purposes

I found a very bold move on Refinery29 that just might be crazy enough to work. The idea states to wear a full midi-skirt during the day. Cute. But then, as nightfall descends, hike your skirt up to your chest and “fake a frock” with it. It’ll hit at a short length, and with a same-colored shirt underneath and blazer on top, you’ll be ready for anything the night brings!