Spring Hairstyles For The Daring

With the new year comes all other new things as well. With this in mind, what better time to dive into a journey of trying new things? Losing weight, drinking less, taking more risks, facing fears - whatever your life adjustment of choice, it's the start of a new quarter, and it's time to hop off the U.S.S. Procrastination and get on with it. If it's a bold new hairstyle you promised yourself you'd try, look no further.  For those of you ready to take that leap into the unknown with a hairstyle you've never tried, here are some options to consider below.

The Pixie

Spring Hairstyles For The Daring | Femme & Fortune

Behold, the world's most adorable - or fierce - haircut, depending on how you choose to style it. While you may not have much length to work with, don't underestimate its versatility. The smallest tweaks to this cut go a long way depending on what look you're going for. Texture it into audacious spikes, or soften it for a more feminine structure. However, be warned: this cut is not for everyone, simply because it only flatters certain face shapes and bone structures. If you have a heart-shaped face, this is a great pick for you. If, however, your jaw runs into a boxier shape, the pixie may not be the best flattering method for your face.

The Partial Shave

Spring Hairstyles For The Daring 2 | Femme & Fortune

Personally, everyone I've encountered sporting this style definitely pulled it off - perhaps you're guaranteed this if you do try it out! All joking aside, it does fall on safe middle ground between staying basic with your plain long hair and going all crazy-Brittany-in-'07 on us. For an extra push of inspiration, Britt from The Bachelor (bottom left) wore it wonderfully well.  Only willing to take a baby step?  Shave a smaller section off first, then see what you think.

The Lob

Spring Hairstyles For The Daring - The Lob | Femme & Fortune

Aka the "long bob" - the shape says "I'm clean and polished for corporate culture," yet the length says "I'm laissez-faire with my long hair." While this may be less daring than its counterparts on this list, the lob may still be a bit of a scary step forward for those of you used to always having mucho long hair. However, if your mantra for the new you says, "I'm thirty, flirty, and thriving" (or whatever grown-up equivalent you wish), I strongly recommend this cut. For the even bolder souls, chop off a few inches more (see RiRi's throwback cut bottom right).

The Asymmetrical

Spring Hairstyles For The Daring - The Asymmetrical | Femme & Fortune

If you've never heard of Vidal Sassoon, he was the forefront of this bold movement in the hair industry. He broke every rule of commonplace and safe - a quick search of his name will confirm his rep – and so does this hairstyle.  Even the subtlest of length differences can create an interesting and charming effect for framing your face. Works beautifully for nearly every length.