The Peach App - A Space for Friends. Just like Facebook…Right?

Launched in early January, the Peach app is the latest social network to hit the market. It hasn’t gotten much momentum in my circle (according to this source, the app is already dead). Only 2 of my friends in my address book have a profile. Both work on media, one at Buzzfeed. Pretty typical, right? Developed by Byte Inc., also responsible for Vine, the Peach App creates a new way for people to connect, primarily through GIF’s. GIF’s are animated moving pictures, also known as Graphics Interchange Format. We all have group chats where we share inside jokes with our friends. Ever wanted to be super humorous with popular gifs? Often times looking for the right photo or gif to belabor a point is difficult. The Peach App solves this problem and makes it simple. peach-app-embed

Here’s the 411:

Download Peach on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Make an account.  I am @fortunewriter on Peach, but you can create whatever username you want. 
  2. Then type in a status. Similar to a text message: “Craving peaches and cream ice cream!” Press "Post."
  3. Post a photo where it says “Insert from your photo album.”
  4. What fascinated me came this message next: “Lovely. Now let’s get a little more magical. Type “gif”, then tap the button that shows up between the camera and checkmark buttons to search for a GIF."
  5. Voila! A search box appears below and you can type in anything you want in there and gifs show up, powered by Giphy. This is what they call using a "magic word" on the app, which "activates all sorts of features that give you fun and interesting things to post to your space." Another feature or magic word is "Draw" which allows you to draw in your space. Other magic words include gif, here, goodmorning, goodnight, battery, weather, move, meetings, safari, dice, time, date, movie, tv, and game.
  6. To leave a comment, just click on someone's post or gif and click Comment. To delete, do the same thing and hit Delete.

Hopefully you'll get the hang of Peach. The Itunes App Store customer ratings gave it 5 stars.  As a new kid on the social media block, Peach has to entice users with more than gifs. Customization plays a huge role in user experience. Having a selection of page themes, memes and a new window to select from a list of gifs would enhance its effectiveness.  It would be great if Peach used another icon rather than the @ symbol. That says Twitter copycat all over. Ampersand anyone? “&me”

All in all, we want to know your thoughts on Peach! Is it a hit or miss? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter at @FemmeAndFortune!