7 Useful Tips For Women Traveling Alone

It's becoming quite the trend for men and women to travel solo around the world. Whether the reason being for business or pleasure, there are certain tips and precautions that women should especially be aware of before traveling alone. Here are some of our top tips for women globetrotting solo!

Protect your money and special documents.

As you're packing your luggage, traveling light is key. A good tip is to get a money belt or passport holder that you can find easily or wear while traveling. They're affordable and provide protection for all of your important documents and cash. 

Visit public and safe places.

This is a no-brainer, but avoid walking alone - especially at night and in dark places. Try to visit popular public places where you won't be left alone. If you need information, be smart about who you ask - try going into a coffee shop, restaurant or store and asking an employee there. 

Choose accommodations wisely.

There are a ton of websites that can help you with finding a place to stay such as Booking.com or Hotels.com. Try to choose a hotel, hostel or AirBNB near a good location, with good reviews, relevant services and also a good price. If you plan on staying at a hostel, do your research and be aware of your surroundings and luggage at all times. 

Look into public transportation options.

Taxis aren't always the best option in a foreign city; you don’t know if they’re completely safe or which route they may take. Try to look up public transportation routes in the city you visit prior to landing, and read reviews for common modes of getting to and from places such as the airport to your hotel.  Depending on the city, you'll most likely find public transportation or carpool services with apps like Uber and Lyft being much cheaper than riding solo in a cab. 

Bring some medication or your personal “first aid kit."

You know your body and what medications you need in specific situations. Keep in mind that it might be difficult to find some medications in other countries, so remember to pack them with you. This can include anything from headache or stomachache medicine, birth control, antibacterial gel, contact lenses, etc.

Learn the basics of the local language.

If you’re traveling to another country that speaks another language, try to learn basic phrases and words before heading over there. Learning numbers and memorizing signs is also a good idea if you're not fluent in the native tongue. Duolingo is a great app to use before and during your trip, but also bring a dictionary with you too! 

Be careful of what you eat and drink.

If you know you have a sensitive stomach, know your limits. You can use websites like Trip Advisor and search for the most recommended places. Also, try to avoid eating too much street food because of sanitary issues. If you're more of the partying type, be aware of how much you drink and the people around you. You're in a foreign place with strangers and the last thing you want to happen is an uncomfortable situation. You never know people’s intentions and who you’re talking to, so be safe with what information you give out to new friends as well.

All in all, trust and listen to your natural instincts, take care of yourself and have an amazing time traveling! Bon voyage!

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