New Year Resolutions: How To Make Them & Keep Them

After several failed attempts to keep my new year resolutions, I decided to look up the definition of resolutionso I could figure out where I kept missing the mark.  According to, resolution means a firm decision to do or not to do something.”  As soon as I read this, a light bulb went off in my head and I said to myself, I have been approaching this all wrong.What I thought was a lack of strength and self-regulation was in fact a misunderstanding of facts. My lack of follow through had been a process problem the entire time. Every year, I set a goal instead of harnessing the power of a resolution. About 40% of Americans usually make resolutions. Within one month, nearly half give up on seeing their resolution to fruition. It was refreshing to see I wasnt alone.  New year resolutions are supposed to make us feel good. Make resolutions work for you with just few small shifts in mindset.   First, take a deeper look into the difference between a resolution and a goal. In short, a resolution is more of an intention. A goal is making a personal commitment to making a change that will support achievement. Change is a science, much more than setting an intention. Most people fail to fulfill their resolution because they are thinking from the wrong place. Before making your resolution make sure it isnt a goal in disguise! Here are some resolutions that are sure to make you feel good going into the new year.  

Try a new bottle of wine once a month

I dont know about you but when it comes to my drink, I tend to be a creature of habit. With this resolution you can achieve the best of both worlds! You are stepping outside of your comfort zone, cleansing your palette, getting loose with your ladies, and becoming more cultured all at the same time. You can make a night of it and pick bottles by region. Share fun facts about the type of wine you chose, how it is made, what flavors are more prevalent, and the commonalities between geographical regions. If you dont drink, you can apply the same idea with organic juicing!

Increase your GNO with your lady squad

How often do you hear about men going away together on guy trips?  Taking off to go fishing, skiing, or even just playing cards. So why should we miss out on that type of fun with our girl group? Take time to schedule a trip, do group yoga, meditation, or even dinner and a movie on a regular basis with your close circle of female friends. Doing this will not only be fun but beneficial in keeping your life balanced.

Do one random act of kindness a week

Youve heard the phrase what goes around comes around right?  This is true; especially in the world of positive energy. Make a point to do five random acts of kindness like holding the door for someone or writing a card to a family member for no reason. Schedule the day you want to do this weekly, biweekly, or once a month. Small actions make a big difference in the scheme of things!  

So femmes, what are some of your resolutions this year? Tell us below!

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