Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Holiday shopping is right around the corner! Since men can be the hardest to shop for, we have gathered up a list of gifts for any special man in your life!

The Athlete

Shopping for this type of guy can be hard, especially since many athletes prefer particular brands and are accustomed to specific gear. Since sizing can also be tricky, we recommend more general gear that any athlete would be proud to tote around.

Active 8 Design (Etsy), makes great personalized Nalgene water bottles for your favorite athlete!

The Fashionista

Fair Isle sweaters are a winter classic. JCREW’s cardigan version is a modern update on a timeless staple, perfect for the chilly months ahead.

Shinola’s Runway, is a Detroit made watch, that although pricey, still doesn’t reach the height of some time-pieces. You can also customize the face and band.

This American made company also offers bikes and home goods! Although on the pricier side, all of their items are drool-worthy and incredibly well made!

The Adventurer

If your guy loves to get out and explore, consider organizing a local or remote destination trip! Websites like Groupon and Gilt City often have deals for exciting adventures and make planning easy. From local activities like paintball to weekend trips to a new city, an adventure that you can enjoy together is sure to make the holidays extra memorable.

The Musician

Music lessons are not just for children. Like all forms of art, practice makes perfect. Whether your musician has been looking to practice in a more formal setting or just wants to try out a new instrument-- chances are your special guy wouldn’t buy music lessons for himself!

Here in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Music Lessons offer a wide variety of music classes, and can help you find the perfect holiday gift!

The Philanthropist

If your man is passionate about helping a particular cause, look no further than making a donation in their name.

Often, organizations have special donation or gift programs that let the recipient feel a greater connection to the cause.

Organizations like the World Wildlife Fund allows you to “adopt” a particular animal on behalf of someone.

Although we recommend doing your research before you send any organization money, this divergence from “ordinary gifts” is a great way to also give back this holiday season!

The Foodie

Cooking classes and monthly food and beverage memberships are having a moment!

Blue Apron and Plated both offer monthly dinner subscriptions for your amateur chef. With a variety of meal plans and many specials, this healthy gift will be sure to please.

Club W, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal (to name a few), all have monthly wine clubs that deliver wine on a semi-monthly schedule. This is a perfect gift for that sommelier-in-training. Several companies also offer monthly craft beer, liquor and specialty food memberships.

Many restaurants and culinary schools also offer regular or one-time cooking and baking classes that you can enjoy together!

The Bearded-Bro

As we get into the thick of Movember, and the colder months, many members of the opposite sex will be letting their facial hair grow…in comes the need for grooming goodies, even if they don’t think it’s necessary.

Prospector Co. has a wide-range of grooming products, including their popular Burroughs Beard Oil.

The Nostalgic One

My favorite type of gift is a personal one. One that speaks to the receiver’s interests or passions.

A few years back I bought my friend, a huge Michigan fan, a copy of the Michigan football program that was published on the day he was born.

Etsy and Ebay both have a wide variety of vintage magazines and prints that make for wonderfully personal and sentimental gifts. Whether the man in your life is into a specific publication or loves a specific sports team; finding an old copy of a publication that fell on a special day or birthday makes for an extra special treat.