Beauty Youtubers to Watch

A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I were gearing up to get our engagement photos taken. Whilst she was able to style her short hair to complete perfection, I was left confused and perplexed on how I was going to style my thick, unruly hair for the shoot. I am usually one that straightens her hair when the occasion calls for it, but even that style wasn’t appealing to me. As with most millennials, I decided to go on Youtube to figure out how to curl my hair and to my surprise, hundreds of videos came up, allowing me to learn how to create “beachy waves” or “loose curls.” It is no surprise that Youtube has become a source of information and the ever popular “Youtuber” has been a sought after career for many, but what I encountered completely took me by surprise and allowed me to create looks for myself both in hair and makeup that I normally would not do.

So in ode to my discovery, here are the top five beauty Youtube-rs that I would recommend


1) Ingrid Nilsen: So cute little Ingrid Nilsen completely won my heart when she came out in this compelling and emotional video. Besides the fact that as a gay woman myself, I could completely relate to Ingrid’s excitement, hesitation and fear to come out, I found myself completely mesmerized by her ability to truly be herself in each and everyone of her videos. Whether it is finding the right looks for traveling, finding the perfect morning makeup and hair regimen or creating a day-to-night look, Ingrid has all of your needs and wants. Make sure to check out her favorites videos to get some good ideas on what products to purchase (both high-end and drugstore!).

AndreaBrooks2) Andrea Brooks: Oh my goodness. How does one explain Andrea Brooks? Flawless. If there is one thing I love in life, it is hacks and Andrea Brooks has them. Whether it is making DIY school supplies, DIY stocking stuffers or beauty hacks for the summer (and we all need them, tbh), this girl has some creative ideas. And what I also love is that she doesn’t just push expensive products. Drug store favorites anyone?


3) Kemberly Giron: I had the pleasure of interviewing Kemberly when we were both students at West Chester University. Kemberly caught my eye because she was an emerging Youtube artist whose mission was to teach young people how to clip those coupons and save BIG on beauty products. I hopped on Kemberly’s Youtube channel a few times to see what she was posting and to figure out what concealer is best for someone who has dry under eyes.


4) Zoella: I discovered Zoella after my first visit to Lush. I wanted to know if anyone else was as obsessed with Lush as I was and in came Zoella. I just can’t help but find Zoella to be like a sweet English fairy princess who makes me want to shop until I drop. I don’t know what is so compelling about an individual going on a “shopping haul” and filming themselves talking about the clothes they bought, but I am telling you, I could watch those videos for hours.

gig5) GiGi Gorgeous: I first discovered Gigi after viewing her video where she calmly climbed the top of the CN Tower in Toronto and did the Edge Walk (Read: Respect).  She made the entire experience entertaining and from then I was hooked. This beautiful lady is a history maker. As a transgender woman, Gigi has made headlines with her beauty videos that cater to not only the trans LGB community but to cisgender women as well. She is incredibly smart, hilarious and her beauty secrets videos helped me find the best mascara.

Now what are you waiting for? Give these gurus some love and go subscribe to their channels!