One Day at a Time: How I’m Surviving My Long Distance Relationship

I cried every day for two weeks.  Now I know that sounds a little dramatic. Two weeks straight? I was acting as if someone passed away. To be honest though, it sure felt like part of me was missing. 

When for most the ultimate goal is to live with your significant other, the start of my long distance relationship was a lot harder than I anticipated. 

I first met him my freshman year of college. He lived down the hall, actually, only two doors away. I shared a small one room dorm with an attached bathroom. He and his roommate had the best dorm you could get, a living room, mini kitchen, and two bedrooms that each had their own bathroom. Needless to say I hung out in his dorm often. Towards the end of our first semester, his roommate was kicked out of school for a multitude of reasons so starting our second semester my S.O. had that awesome dorm room all to himself. I basically lived there, only traveling down the hall for a change of clothes.

Since we started our relationship practically living together, nothing changed during our (or should I say my) remaining years in college.

I was used to not seeing him for a couple months due to our winter and summer breaks. When not at school, we were five hours apart.  The first break was hard, but it got easier as time went on. I had something to look forward to; I knew I would be back at school soon with him. 

But then I unexpectedly graduated early. I thought that it wouldn't be a big deal since I had gotten through multiple months without seeing him.

This time was different though. With still a whole year before he was to graduate, I had nothing to look forward to like I did during school breaks. I did not know when I would see him next and when I did, I knew it would only be for a weekend. 

So I cried every day. We FaceTimed and talked on the phone for hours at a time, which most of the time was spent uttering "I miss you."

Then one day he had enough of the tears.

“Listen,” he said, “This is no way to live. Being sad won’t change anything, so why not try to be happy? It can be hard, stressful, and overwhelming when you look into the future, so live in the present. Enjoy life; take one day at a time.”

Not only has that mantra helped with my LDR blues, I have found it to be a great motto for life. I was so worried about the future and when I would see him again I forgot to live in the present, and enjoy each day. Life is too short to be sad.

Now, my LDR is nothing I can’t handle. I do still get sad every now and again, wishing I could just see him already! But when I can feel myself start to get down again I just tell myself, "one day at a time."

Sadness is so easy to fall victim to. It clouds our brains so that we can’t think straight. It pulls us deeper into an abyss, so that we are not able to set ourselves free. Sometimes we need a little help to see clearly and combat the haze in our minds. My S.O. helped me, and I hope reading this can help you. Whether it has to do with a LDR or not, we are strong, powerful goddesses and can get through anything! Just take it ‘one day at a time’.