5 Points from Philadelphia Magazine's ThinkFest

I spent a morning at Philadelphia Magazine’s one-day conference to connect minds and foster innovation. Though I had to dip back to the office after lunch, here are my top five favorite parts of the morning (in no particular order):

  • Hearing Abbi Jacobson (Wayne, PA native and co-creator of Comedy Central’s Broad City) describe her bat mitzvah theme as “basketball and flowers” to Jennifer Weiner (novelist and New York Times writer)
  • Contemplating Farah Jimenez’s (of School Reform Commission) encouragement for Philadelphians to switch from the heart to the head model when solving social problems
  • “This is the city that invented modern day democracy and that is badass...the revolution starts here.” - Todd Carmichael,  owner, La Colombe
  • Learning that The Philadelphia Growth Coalition are active proponents of “increasing the property tax rate exclusively on commercial real estate and use that to provide immediate and substantial tax reduction [in Philadelphia’s wage tax].” The aim of this is to have Philadelphian workers take home more of their paycheck, with the goal of encouraging job growth in the city. As presented by Jerry Sweeney, President, Brandywine Realty Trust.
  • “I don’t want to spin it. Let the chips fall where they fall.” - Buzz Bissinger, journalist and author.

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The next conference I am eager to attend is Fearless Philly, a full-day conference dedicated to inspire and empower the women of Philadelphia. Presenters and attendees are creative entrepreneurs and corporate executives looking to learn from and inspire each other. These women are confident and driven; they believe in taking chances, and finding the positive in every situation. They’re trailblazers in their respective fields, and they aren’t planning to stop any time soon. They want to make connections, share their stories, and listen to what others have to teach them.

A budding designer. A small business owner. An account manager. A chief executive officer. An artist. A leader. These are the women coming to the Fearless Philly Conference. They're the same ones who are writing a future for women in the business world. The Fearless Philly Conference is uniting business with arts, individuals with executives, women with women.

Come and be united with this community of passionate and powerful leaders. Hosted by The Hive and Femme & Fortune, we invite you to join us for a full day of learning and networking at our conference on November 21st, 2015. Register here. Share your photos and comments with #BornToBeFearless