A Fashion Ode to the 90s

Body Suits

You can’t step into an American Apparel store today without running into this 90s staple. Both super chic and functional, body suits will have you feeling like one badass ballerina. Where to buy: American Apparel

FF_BodySuitDahlia Lace Bodysuit from American Apparel

Cropped Anything

From shirts to sweaters to jeans, the cropped look is making its way back to our closets. It's the perfect tool if you want to bare your midriff or mid knees for that matter. But word to the wise; this style must be done in moderation. Top or bottom. Never both. Where to Buy: Forever 21

CropTopFrayed Denim Crop Top from Forever 21


Our prayers to the High Priest of Plaid have been answered. The signature checkerboard look of these pieces are so versatile. With a large variety of colors you, can use plaid to go from grunge to girly in no time. Where to buy: Volcom

FF_PlaidLove Me Not Long Sleeve from Volcom

Doc Martens

Originally created for foot injuries during WWII, Doctor Marten set out to make a practical and durable shoe. Who knew they would become a staple for the 90s grunge era? Today, Doc Martens come in Mary Jane style to the classic combat boot. These shoes can pretty much go with anything. Where to buy: DocMartens.com

DocMPascal from Doc Martens


These small pieces of fabric can turn any outfit totally retro. Understated or full of color, vests add structure and style to any get up. Where to buy: Your mom’s closet, Etsy.com

il_570xN.803354297_5kvvIndia Cotton Vest from shopfuture on Etsy


Get your goth on with the Medieval-inspired accessory, and you’ll be channeling your inner rockstar in no time.

2n99q9wPhotocredit: The Fashion Foot

Platform Sandals

Rock these in statement colors or metallic and your outfit will go from zero to one hundred real quick. Where to buy: Aldo

GEORGEA_86_RG_324Georgea from Aldo