5 Halloween Costumes that Will Rock Your Post-College World

For those of us who were lucky enough to go to college, Halloween was a sacred holiday. We prepared for months for just the tiniest bit of clothing and a chance at a keg. If the word “sexy” was displayed on the packaging, in the shopping cart it went! But that was years ago and now we’re working adults with just as much body love as we had before, but this time with bills to pay and more adult Halloween parties to attend with wine and cheese. So for those ladies out there that still want to wear the sexy costumes— honey, you go for it. Show off that gorgeous body of yours and enjoy yourself, but for those of us who want to get the creative juices flowing with our Halloween costumes, here are some fun ideas.

 1) A Spoon Full of Sugar Helps….

…make you possibly the most adorable one that the party. I love this Mary Poppins costume because most of these pieces can be found either a) in your closet or b) at Philly AIDS Thrift. Plus, it’s a classic look from a classic story and what is more romantic than that?

goodwill_DIY_costume_ladies_Mary-PoppinsPhoto Source

 2) Get Social

This costume idea just gets my social media mogul heart pounding. Here’s a Halloween costume that can be done with friends that is more… this century? These social media-inspired Halloween costumes are so creative and if you spend wisely, probably less than $20. And go crazy! Add some SnapChat and Pinterest in there and you’ll have wide party.

d089d7131a45621d401a4423883eb249Photo Source

 3) Mile High Club

Does anyone remember that show with Christina Ricci about the Pan Am stewardesses? No? Just me? Well, although I am still in mourning over the early cancellation of Pan Am, and even if the show wasn’t entirely accurate, the idea of flying all over the world in cute outfits just seemed like a dream to 18-year-old me. If you’re still hankering for your days as sexy snow white, this costume might satisfy your cravings.

0822christina-ricci-panam_faPhoto Source

 4) Farm Animal

The amount of cute that this costume contains should be illegal. Pardon me while I refrain from any sheep puns, baaaaaaaaaaaaah who wouldn’t want to wear this costume? Plus, it is easy to boot! Have a random white skater-style dress lying around? No? Then just hop on over to H&M or Forever 21 where they sell for under $20. All this costume requires is cotton balls, fabric glue and a little bit of patience. Add in black stockings, a black shirt and some creative make up and you’re good to go!

Sheep Costume (1)Photo Source

 5) Class Act

Halloween party at work? Why not go with a classic that can be styled in so many ways? You can’t really go wrong with a classic Minnie Mouse costume and with the perfect combination of red, white and black, the outfit can come from pieces that are in your closet. Just add some ears and rock it!

cfa37a6edac4aa61bfe0cbd647b7fd2dPhoto Source

 Now go rock these outfits, ladies! Happy Halloween!