Jordana Woodland's Naked Princess

Every woman wants to look and feel sexy, but we refuse to sacrifice our comfort. Luckily, former model-turn-entrepreneur, Jordana Woodland, has found the ideal median with her modern lifestyle brand, Naked Princess. After several years in the modeling industry, Woodland transitioned into business and the design side of fashion. Now her line of loungewear and lingerie enables woman to feel confident, stylish, and comfortable. UsRPWNrTuutwzw8Dkjr-Qhs3Gkb_7NkWPjiG9BrzmUk,3k1FkPBOGAEH7kC9XX8NfTxXG4fJP6mSKhP9k0yxjEc,AQ6gEvpUYHgXmKhVsdcwxUgGnf-4S6k1uwaxSo0Aeg0,DrZiOq64FQpB1KWcfddj5Y6aoG4OG1yhstEpJKdf4_Q,fnbZ27b1BI89N5lo1yFyHbIvW_LKxScRrWggCUD3fEs

Femme & Fortune: What made you go from a modeling career into entrepreneurship?

Jordana: Modeling is great. I met some of my closest friends through this industry, but I always knew that I wanted to do something beyond modeling. When I started Naked Princess I had no intention of ever modeling the designs I created, but now that I do, it’s the most fulfilling thing to be the face of the company that my team and I have worked so hard to build.

Femme & Fortune: Tell us more about the inspiration behind creating a lifestyle brand?

Jordana: I’ve always been fascinated with what I call the “boudoir experience.” I define this as the time when a woman can be alone and get ready for her day without any distractions. This valuable “alone time in the boudoir” and my love for vintage lingerie, costumes and perfume bottles was the starting concept for Naked Princess.

Femme & Fortune: What was the transition like from being in front of a camera to creating the fashion content behind the scenes?

Jordana: The transition from in front of the camera to behind the scenes was a pretty natural, seamless transition. I love being able to express my creativity and ideas, which you often times are not able to do as a model. What’s rewarding to me is when I am behind the camera, I can control the creative aspect while still having fun in front of the camera as the model. I also enjoy when models we hire understand the company’s vision and can easily portray what the brand message is through photography. That’s when I feel like I have the best of both worlds.


Femme & Fortune: Do you believe your modeling career gave you a better sense of the fashion world?

Jordana: Absolutely. When I was modeling, I was exposed to a huge range of clothing, and it was through wearing all this clothing that I was able to learn about fit, fabrics, and finishes. I took this knowledge and harnessed it into making Naked Princess the brand that it is recognized for today; it’s quality and approachability. Each Naked Princess piece is created with every woman in mind to help her feel effortlessly sexy.

Femme & Fortune: What kind of woman wears your lingerie and loungewear? Who's your ideal customer?

Jordana: The Naked Princess woman is stylish and confident, and not afraid to treat herself to fine things, all the way down to the smallest details. As well as the man that wants to spoil the special woman in his life!

Femme & Fortune: How do you want your customers to feel in your products? How would you describe your product’s style?

Jordana: Feeling sexy, but comfortable at the same time is definitely our goal. It’s not an overt sexiness; it’s a natural sexiness. Our beauty and body collections give you that extra boost of confidence to make you feel fresh and most beautiful.

As far as the style, our aesthetic is inspired by antique European boudoir but done in a very modern way. Our products are designed to be how women today want their pieces to fit and feel: beautiful and effective without being fussy.


Femme & Fortune: What were some of the obstacles you had to overcome or learn before starting Naked Princess?

Jordana: I think wanting to grow too quickly has been an obstacle of mine. I have to remind myself that Coco Chanel, Donna Karan, and Diane von Furstenberg didn’t create their empires overnight. It’s one day at a time, one season at a time. The main focus should always be the product you are creating and the person you’re making it for. As long as you know you are serving both to the best of your ability, the rest grows from there.

Femme & Fortune: You’re from the Philippines and spend time in both Montana and Los Angeles. How does the different environments impact your work?

Jordana: Changing up my environment is my biggest inspiration. Being in Montana stimulates ideas in a way LA never could, and vice versa. Traveling is a passion of mine, and I try to take the inspiration I receive on my travels and channel it into my line. Each collection is almost like a travel log of my experiences.


Femme & Fortune: Aside from beauty and fashion, what are your other interests?

Jordana: First and foremost, I am a mother to my three wonderful kids. My family is the most important part of life. When you run your own company you appreciate your down time more than ever before. The quiet moments with my family are the sweetest and I savor every second of them. I also enjoy active pursuits such as hiking, pilates, skiing and boxing.

Femme & Fortune: Do you have any suggestions for other ambitious women who want to start their own businesses?

Jordana: Go for it! The task may seem daunting and I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy, but if you have a great idea, and a solid business plan, there is no reason to be afraid. Jump in. Work hard. There’s no time like right now.



Thank you so much Jordana! Make sure to visit Naked Princess online, as well as add them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram femmes!