Top 10 Closet Organization Tips

Let’s face it: Keeping your closet organized is hard work. You might rely on a once-a-year or once-a-season closet-cleaning regimen, but you might just be better off to just skip it. We’re not suggesting that you let your clothes and accessories pile up — instead, we suggest you transform your closet into a well-organized one that stays tidy year-round. An organized closet helps you keep track of what you have so that you don’t over-shop or slack on your laundry. It also helps you get going in the mornings, as you can easily grab for what you want to wear — no digging required. And as an added bonus, it looks great, too.

What are you waiting for? Follow our 10 organization tips in order to make your closet start working for you.

1. Level Your Clothes

Be realistic when you organize your closet: What do you wear most? What do you wear occasionally? And what’s special that you want to keep but you don’t often wear? 

Everything in group one should be easily accessible and at eye level. The second group — occasionally worn items — should be just above group one. That way, you know where they are but they don’t clutter up the selection of clothes that you’re really going to wear this season.

2. Save Your Soda Tabs

You’ve probably saved them for a school fundraiser, but the pop tops on soda cans can also help you organize. Loop one of the circles around the top of one hanger. Pull it down to the base of the hanger so that you can hang another hanger from the second open loop. Voila: You now have a double hanger for slacks, skirts, blouses or anything that you can easily hang and stack vertically.

3. Wrap Hangers in Pipe Cleaners 

One easy way to clutter your closet is with hangers that don’t have any way to grip your clothes. Sheer and silky shirts, for example, slip off of plastic or wire hangers and make your closet a mess. Wrap the edges of these types of hangers with a pipe cleaner so that the shoulders of your shirts will stay put.

4. Invest in Shelf Dividers

If you live in a colder climate, you probably dedicate a good chunk of your closet to your sweaters. Piling them up on a shelf can get messy, so invest in a few shelf dividers. Or, make them yourself. These confine your sweaters to neat stacks, which will keep them in good shape and make your closet more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Tie up Scarves and Ties

The scarf has become one of our go-to accessories these days. You probably have a handful of them lying around your closet, which isn’t great when you’re looking for that one that matches your current outfit. To keep from losing them in the abyss of your closet, tie them around a hanger.

6. Light up Your Life

This only applies to the lucky ladies who have extra-large or extra-dark closets. Make sure that your space has enough lighting so that you can see everything that you have. This will help you keep track of the clothes you have — and help you stay organized as you put clothes back in their proper places.

7. Put Away Last Season’s Gear

In a smaller closet, you might not have room for all of your clothes for every season all year round. If this is the case, put your out-of-season gear into boxes after the season changes and label them well. You can pull out the boxes when that season comes back around and easily access the clothes you need.

8. Display Your Accessories 

There’s probably some wall space in your closet, and there are plenty of things you can do with it. Organizing your jewelry is a great option. There are plenty of DIY ideas for creating an eye-catching focal point in your closet or you can do something simple with hooks or rods. Either way, you’ll be able to see and find your jewelry much easier if it’s on the wall and not scattered around your room.

9. Organize with Shoe Organizers 

Use shoe organizers — but don’t put your shoes in them. It turns out that these over-the-door organizers can help you get any small collection in your closet in order. They hold socks, underwear, nail polishes — just about anything that’ll fit. Furthermore, most of these shoe organizer bags are clear so you can easily see what you’re working with.

10. Treat Yourself 

A well-organized closet should be incentive enough for you to keep your space in order, but if you need a little extra push, give yourself one: Decorate your closet so that you look forward to keeping it in order. A fresh coat of paint or a cutesy wall decal might be enough to motivate you to stay organized for years to come.