5 Tips on How to Make a Home Fall Worthy

I feel like this time of year, I can’t help but join the thousands of individuals vocalizing their love for fall. Once the end of July hits, I am fed up with the balmy weather and start channeling my inner autumn lover. So what better way to celebrate this glorious season then by preparing your space for it? Here are some ideas for making your place cozier during this season: 1) Candles. Candles just set the mood… for anything really. But there is nothing like walking throughout the city and seeing houses lit up by them. Not only do they provide sources of light, but they make your place smell irresistible and just provide a cozier atmosphere.

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2) Wreathes. Who said wreathes were just for the Christmas holiday? Not only do wreaths feel welcoming, but they are also versatile. Spruce up a wreath with anything from gold glitter to autumn leaves. Don’t forget to add your own personal touches (Initials are adorable—especially when you add your significant other’s too).

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3) Photos. Framed photos are the perfect touch to any home. Being surrounded by photos of the ones you love and the memories you cherish the most can make for a comforting atmosphere. Plus, they make great conversations pieces during the holidays.


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4) Fresh Flowers. I can’t stress this enough. Sometimes it is the bouquet of fresh flowers that can really just liven up the place. Better yet, Trader Joe’s sells bouquets from anywhere from $3.99 to $9.99. Water them enough and they can last you a couple weeks.

Fresh Flowers

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5) Pumpkins. I know, obvious, right? But pumpkins come in all different shapes and sizes, and nothing says fall than pumpkin everything! You can paint them, stack them, glitter-fy them and sometimes—buy plastic ones at the dollar store. They’re a great addition to any household.


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Fall decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. The great thing is that many of these materials can be found at the dollar store or at a craft store for next to nothing! Happy decorating femmes!