Seasonal Rum Cocktails To Make At Home

When choosing your cocktails it’s best to follow the seasons to ensure your drinks are fresh and flavorful. Here are four easy to make rum cocktails for each season!

Fall - Cranberry & Ginger Sparkling Rum Cider


Nothing says fall more than cranberries and cider.  Tip: Pre-batch the cranberry and ginger simple syrup for easy mixing at get-togethers.


Winter - Hot Buttered Rum


Looking for a cocktail to warm those cold winter nights? Pour yourself a glass of Hot Buttered Rum!


Spring - Dark & Stormy


This classic rum cocktail is easy to make and uses ingredients you likely already have at home!

Summer - Basil Mojito


Classic mojitos are made with mint, but try switching things up with a refreshing basil mojito made with white rum.

Tell us which one of the above cocktails is your favorite! Or if you have another recipe, we'd love to hear it as well below!