How To Perfect Your Instagram Game

Hi Ladies + Gents! Tina here, from Tina Ramchandani Creative. As an interior designer I respond well to visual platforms, so it wasn't surprising when I became a little obsessed with Instagram! I love sharing moments of my day with friends, family and followers. I've been using the app for several years now and I'm in my groove. I'm sharing a few key tips to help you perfect your Instagram game.

Instagram Bio


Your bio is the first thing followers see when they click over to your page. Share who you are, what you do and why they should follow you in just a few words. Keep this short and sweet, or it will push your pictures down on the screen. And don't forget to add a link if you want followers to check you out elsewhere!

Hone In On Your Visual Voice


Similar to a blog, you're instagram should focus on one theme. Followers want to know what to expect are looking for specific types of inspiration. As a designer most of my pictures are interior focused. Because I live in New York and I love to travel I do share a few of my NYC + travel adventures, but only if I feel the pictures are strong and fit my signature look. If you're focusing on "lifestyle" it get's a bit trickier, so take time to figure out your look.

Signature Look


My signature instagram look is clean, modern and neutral, similar to my brand's look. Through trial and error figure out your signature look, whether it be brights, moody colors, all one color, or something else. Followers visit a page for a specific thing, so consistency is important.

Crop All Pictures The Same Way


This is something that often gets overlooked! If you like all your pictures to be square, make the extra effort to take pictures using the square feature on the iPhone. It will help when it comes time to share. If you love white borders try to use the borders in the same direction, either all horizontal or vertical. This will allow your instagram page to look clean and well thought out.

Pick 1-3 Go-To Filters


The two tips above are geared towards keeping your pictures and your instagram page constant. Using just a few filters is another smart tip to keeping images looking like they belong in a series.

Quality Over Quantity


It's really hard not to overshare! I often have several shots I want to share but not all are strong pictures. Pick the strongest of the group, the one that will make the most impact. You don't want to lose followers, or lose quality of your feed by sharing too many images.

Top Apps


My go-to apps are VSCO cam for editing and filters. I also love Instasize and Camera+. It takes a few tries to find out what works best for you and your feed but it's a step you shouldn't miss!

If you take the time to work through all these tips you'll definitely up your instagram game. Good luck!