Adorable (and Affordable) DIY Wedding Favors

There are two types of wedding favors: The kind guests are delighted to receive and the kind that end up in a landfill before the last reception song plays. You want to give your guests the delightful kind of favor without breaking the bank. DIY is the best way to achieve this, and even if you’re not naturally crafty, you can find something fun and simple to make.

Better yet, turn it into a bonding activity with your bridesmaids. Here are the best DIY wedding favors that are easy and inexpensive to make. Your guests will enjoy them as much as you enjoyed making them!

Birdseed Ornaments

seed ornament 2Image Source

This heart-shaped ornament symbolizes love, hangs from a handsome reusable ribbon, and is a gift both for your wedding guests and their feathered friends. Birdseed ornaments are easy to make and won’t collect dust in the closet. Birds will enjoy them any time of the year, but they are especially nice in the winter, when food is harder to find.

For a beautiful display, try hanging them on potted trees just like the photo. Guests can grab one on their way home.

These are great year-round, but if you’re having a seasonal wedding you can also consider other DIY holiday ornaments. For those who enjoy wine, try out DIY wine glass charms with your new initials on them.

Love’s Soundtrack

wedding-cdImage Source

Remember the days when a mix tape or CD was a beloved token of friendship or romantic affection? Your guests will appreciate the rush of nostalgia this favor generates. It will also be a nice keepsake for you and your spouse. Choose the songs you fell in love to and the songs you just flat out love. Guests will groove to your soundtrack on the way home and they may even discover a new artist to love.

Just as fun as choosing the songs is creating the CD covers. If you’ve got an eye for design, try creating your own fun label on a site like Canva and printing it out. If design’s not your strong suit, check out Fiverr and have someone design it for you for five dollars.

Homemade Limoncello

Homemade Limencello

Photo Source

Limoncello is traditionally used as a palate cleanser between courses in Italian restaurants, as well as a sweet way to finish a wonderful meal. What better sentiment to give your guests than this sweet ending? They will continue the celebration at home with a bottle of this delicious lemon liquor. Also check out these other DIY lemon treats for an easy and tasty favor that will have your guest puckering up their lips – for a thank you kiss.

Teacup Candles

DIYTeacupCandles7 Photo Source

Candles are surprisingly easy to make, and everyone enjoys receiving them. You can find inexpensive teacups at thrift stores for an elegant candleholder. This pretty and whimsical favor will bring your beautiful day home with your guests. Even if tea cups aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other options for DIY candles.

Mason Jar Pies

DIY Pie In A JarPhoto Source

Who doesn’t love a homemade apple pie? This edible favor is sure to be a hit, and the empty mason jar can be re-used as a drinking glass. Mason jars are cute and functional, and very popular right now. This favor could work with any wedding theme, but is especially suited to a fall or country-themed ceremony. Follow these directions for a pie-in-a-jar favor, and this recipe for a delicious homemade apple pie.

Lavender Favors


Photo Source

Lavender is a versatile plant that makes for one great favor. From the lavender-infused marmalades pictured above to shortbreads, soaps, and salts, lavender is one way to spruce up your wedding favors. Check out these lavender wedding favors for inspiration.

For a crafty and practical bride, lavender sachets can be a great idea as well. These beautiful little sachets have many uses, from keeping a closet or dresser drawer smelling fresh to protecting stored clothing from moths. If you can sew, buy a bunch of cheap vintage fabric or repurpose it from pillowcases and sheets. Or you can buy a bunch of inexpensive organza sachets and fill them yourself. Either way, you can make a favor that smells as sweet as your new life together, and will brighten up a guest’s home.