#30Over30PHL - Kristie Bergey

Today's #30Over30PHL feature "is a great businesswoman, friend and mentor." A marketing consultant specializing in organizing large events and helping apartment management companies, Kristie Bergey is a huge supporter of other women in business which is one of the many reasons why you'll read more about her below! Kristy Bergey | Femme & Fortune | 30 Over 30

Name: Kristie Bergey

Age: 41

1) What neighborhood in Philadelphia do you call home? Fairmount

2) Tell us about what you do professionally: Marketing for Commercial Real Estate with a specialty in Multifamily housing

3) What makes you happy? My great friends, my dog, simple things in life make me smile.

4) Who inspires you and why? My parents, both came from small beginnings and both have become hugely successful leaders within their industries.

5) What's your biggest regret and why? Luckily I do not have regrets. I take chances and if it doesn't work out the way I hoped, I still come away with something that I have learned.

6) What is your life motto? Live each day to the fullest and be kind to others

7) Name a guilty pleasure: A nice glass of wine and foie gras

8) On what occasion do you lie? When I am hiding a surprise from someone.

9) What's in your purse right now? Business cards, Patrick Michael Accessories handmade wallet, journal, Prada Sunglasses, new iPhone 6, mints and car keys

10) What is your greatest extravagance? Traveling the world for a month a year

11) Where is your favorite travel destination? Only one?! Florence,Italy; Switzerland; Lyon,France; New Zealand

12) How do you take your coffee? Black with a little bit of Splenda

13) What is your most treasured possession? My dog Buddy

14) What is your favorite magazine? Vogue

15) What advice would you give your 20-something self? Network more and network with your boss when she is your boss. Learn as much as you can.

16) Where can we find you on a Friday night? With my friends have dinner and wine

17) What motivates you? Money and creativity

18) What's something unique that we can find on your desk or around your workspace? Vintage images of Philadelphia as well as art work by local artists from my travels

19) What's the best relationship advice you've ever gotten? Always remember that you are number one.

20) What's your favorite thing about Philadelphia right now? The growth of people moving into the city of all ages!

21) If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? Wonderwoman - she can drive an invisible jet!

22) Do you have a fashion icon? Chanel, Coco made the modern woman

23) If you could go back to one decade in history, which one would it be and why? Victorian age

24) Where's your favorite place to eat? There are so many, but right now I am loving Fare in Fairmount

25) How do you stay sane balancing your life and career? Exercise, travel and explore new people and new ways of doing business and plenty of sleep.

26) What's your favorite drink or cocktail? Vodka and Club with an extra lime

27) What is your favorite movie? American Sniper

28) Tell us about an embarrassing moment you recently had: I tend to put my foot in my mouth at times, and we will leave it at that...

29) What's your favorite app right now? Pandora

30) If you could, what would you say to yourself fives years from now? Why did you make it so hard?

#30Over30PHL is a month-long series highlighting Philadelphia’s most ambitious women. Created in collaboration with Melissa Alam of Femme & Fortune and Alex Kacala of FaymeProblems. #30Over3PHL is being presented with support from Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia.