How To Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have been taking over the pages of design blogs, interior decor magazines and the walls of homes everywhere. It may seem simple, just gather a few things and hang them together, right? But, there is an art to creating a gallery wall that really stands out and serves as a reflection of your personality and creativity. gallery-wall-in-living-room

First, begin collecting pieces you love. These treasures can be anything at all. They don’t have to be flat, and there are creative ways to include sculptural momentos, dried flowers, or wooden signs. Start at home by gathering a few things you cherish or are representative of fond memories and your personality. Next you can scour home good stores and flea markets for some treasures to create a well rounded collection.

Your collection could have a specific theme, or it may be off-beat and eclectic. A few creative ideas for what to hang can be found on Pull out any frames you may have along with floating shelves for any sculptural items. You can paint your frames white or silver to create a calming and classy feel, or mix and match with bright colors to add some spunk. You may choose to keep some items without frames to give the appearance of a collage. Creating dimension is one of the key characteristics of this project, so think of creative ways to hang your keepsakes.

Gallery Wall

Next, you will need to decide where to place each frame. Go for the feeling of a puzzle and really embrace imperfection. A gallery wall is in essence not symmetric and it plays with things being a bit off-kilter. Don’t get too wrapped up in every piece being in just the right place. You want the wall to look effortless. Place your largest piece off center so that the eye is not drawn immediately into one place. Use kraft paper to cut out shapes the size of the pieces you want to hang. With these shapes, create a mockup of how you plan to hang each piece on the wall. Use painter’s tape along each corner of the paper and attach them firmly to the wall. Mix up your arrangement stepping back each time to example how it looks overall.


Once you’re satisfied with the composition, take a tape measure and mark the center point in pencil at the top of each paper. Hammer a hook or nail into the center mark. Now that each piece of paper is connected to the wall with a nail, you can remove the painters tape from the corners. Use the kraft paper as a guide and hang your collection in the coordinating places. Now, gently pull the kraft paper underneath, ripping it from the wall. Your pieces are now perfectly aligned and hung.

A Beautiful Mess Gallery Wall

Your gallery wall can be as big or small as you want, but the most important part about making one, is using it to express your individual style. It should be fun, so don’t overthink it. Add to the wall as you collect more souvenirs and watch visitors comment on your impeccable style.

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