#30Over30PHL - Chelsea Irwin

Today's lovely #30Over30PHL profile is of Chelsea Irwin.  Her tenacity as an entrepreneur and self-starter, along with her "exuberant personality, fashion sense, and overall success within the community" made her a great fit for our list of inspiring women around Philadelphia. Learn more about Chelsea below! Chelsea Irwin | Femme & Fortune | 30 Over 30

Age: 30

1) What neighborhood in Philadelphia do you call home? Logan Square

2) Tell us about what you do professionally: I work for Sevag Public Relations. SevagPR (@SevagPR) is a boutique creative and special events agency specializing in fashion, lifestyle brands, restaurant, and non-profit industries. I work with two incredibly talented + genuine women and we have a blast. 

I also co-founded Hat Covet (www.hatcovet.com), an online boutique of vintage hats. I started this company with a girlfriend because we wanted to learn more about the e-commerce space.  Never did we imagine the response received once launched. It's been a cool learning experience.

3) What makes you happy? I'm a lover! Nothing makes me happier than having people I adore in one room together.

4) Who inspires you and why? Real people inspire me. Risk and vulnerability are two powerful things and I always respect anyone who is willing to be human.  

5) What's your biggest regret and why? Not living abroad after college for an extended period of time. The coolest people I know are the ones who are culturally diverse. 

6) What is your life motto? Let life flow. 

7) Name a guilty pleasure: Chocolate, chocolate, and little black dresses.

8) On what occasion do you lie? When I tell myself that I neeeeeed to have those new shoes. 

9) What's in your purse right now? Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray (my best friend), cell phone, water, wallet, 2015 planner, Aquaphor, mascara + a dark chocolate bar.

10) What is your greatest extravagance? I believe that fueling your body with real foods, monthly facials, regular teeth cleanings + traveling are the keys to longevity and just generally feeling great. I'm also a real sucker for new products as the ladies at Blue Mercury can attest. 

11) Where is your favorite travel destination? Somewhere new! The best is getting lost in a unfamiliar place and finding your way out ... with three new friends. 

12) How do you take your coffee? (Preferably) Brought to me in bed first thing in the morning, hot with steamed almond milk. 

13) What is your most treasured possession? My family + friends. 

14) What is your favorite magazine? Vogue.

15) What advice would you give your 20-something self? Say "yes." Ditch the boyfriend. You are your greatest competition. Keep friends from all backgrounds, it makes you a more interesting person. Make everything you do fun. Trust the Universe, it will throw some amazing things your way.

16) Where can we find you on a Friday night? Good question ... rarely ever in the same place. 

17) What motivates you? The energy surrounding positive people.

18) What's something unique that we can find on your desk or around your workspace? A lunchbox! I still pack my lunch everyday. 

19) What's the best relationship advice you've ever gotten? KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). 

20) What's your favorite thing about Philadelphia right now? The acceptance of the Entrepreneur. Philadelphia embraces new ideas with open arms. 

21) If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? Cat Woman so I could wear that crazy diamond studded leather body suit! 

22) Do you have a fashion icon? I love Amal Alamuddin. She makes two of my favorite things, beauty + brains, look effortless.  She oozes glam, but also keeps fashion classically fun. Oh, and George Clooney is absolutely THE best accessory. 

23) If you could go back to one decade in history, which one would it be and why? The 60's. Rock and Roll + big hair.

24) Where's your favorite place to eat? I love Talula's Garden. The food is certainly scrumptious, but the atmosphere wins me over. The ambiance of sitting outside under the lights makes for a very romantic night. 

25) How do you stay sane balancing your life and career? Laughter of course!  

26) What's your favorite drink or cocktail? I only drink Liquor and anyone who knows me, knows I'm quite the cheap date! 

27) What is your favorite movie? Little Rascals - always has been + always will be.

28) Tell us about an embarrassing moment you recently had: I can't think of a specific recent embarrassing moment, but chances are I was right there laughing at myself with you. 

29) What's your favorite app right now? Evernote. It keeps my lists' lists in check. 

30) If you could, what would you say to yourself fives years from now? Every experience has played a role in who you are today. Regret nothing. Also, can I go back?!  

#30Over30PHL is a month-long series highlighting Philadelphia’s most ambitious women. Created in collaboration with Melissa Alam of Femme & Fortune and Alex Kacala of FaymeProblems#30Over3PHL is being presented with support from Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia.