#30Over30PHL – Amy Devan

Amy is the creator of her own luxurious fashion brand, NAVEDA and recently showed at New York and London Fashion Week. Her nominator told us, "She uses her clothing and personal aesthetic to reflect not only who she is as a woman, but who she strives to become. She recently relocated back to Philly, and wants to see our city transform into the creative fashion capital she knows it can be." We love Amy for her down to earth personality and gorgeous sense of fashion. Learn more about her below! Amy Devan | 30 Over 30 | Femme & Fortune

Name: Amy Devan

Age: 32

1) What neighborhood in Philadelphia do you call home? Center City

2) Tell us about what you do professionally: I am the Owner/Creative Director of Naveda and Naveda Couture - ready-to-wear Collections and bespoke for the eclectic, effortlessly-chic woman. 

3) What makes you happy? My loved ones (family and friends that are family), and my work...I simply LOVE what I do, and it's finally given me a refreshing opportunity to dream, live, conquer - a motto I now live by, and one I once wasn't sure I could fulfill. Thankfully, with what feels like the world (my world) behind me, with encouragement and well wishes, I am able to do just that! 

4) Who inspires you and why? I am beyond inspired by other female entrepreneurs - there is no one person I could name (other than my Mom who is a personal icon). Rather, I find the deepest and truest of inspiration from the women I'm blessed to meet and work with almost daily...other creatives, other business owners, other dreamers. Observing their passion only helps me to keep chasing after mine. I hope that I too am able to contribute something positive to their inspirations. 

5) What's your biggest regret and why? I don't necessarily have any regrets, but I can tell you what I've learned... Over time, I've learned that instead of allowing those who ever doubt one's ability to reach for the stars to stand in the way, it is better to view those very same people as the catalyst for not only reaching for the stars, but grabbing hold of them...with hard work and grace all along.

6) What is your life motto? Dream. Live. Conquer. 

7) Name a guilty pleasure: Shopping...and I'm unapologetic about it! There's something about how a new look can instantly change my mood and outlook! It's like hitting the refresh button!

8) On what occasion do you lie? "In general (and especially in business), the saying holds true…”honesty is the best policy.” Beyond that, I think virtually every woman tells a tiny-little fib when she needs a few extra minutes to get ready! :) C’mon ladies…we all know we’ve pulled the “I’m on my way” card (except we’re really changing for the 10th time before heading out the door)!"

9) What's in your purse right now? Cell phone, wallet, extra cell charger, red lipstick, small mirror, mini-notebook and a pen for notes, my day planner (I'm old school when it comes to my schedule and I HAVE to write down everything), a measuring tape (must have in my work), contact solution, and some change and crumpled receipts just hangin' out at the bottom of my bag.

10) What is your greatest extravagance? "If you mean, “what do I put the most time, energy, and resources into” – I’d say my business, hands down. It’s my child! When I see my clients are happy at the end of the day, I’m happy. If you mean , “how do I treat myself” – I’d say a day of just hanging out with friends or family – they’re my energy boost, even if it means doing nothing with them."

11) Where is your favorite travel destination? India - so much of the exotic concepts behind my business began from my Indian roots. It's such a refreshing, yet crazily-chaotic place all in one, and that intrigues me and somehow gives me a sense of balance. 

12) How do you take your coffee? I usually prefer a skim latte with sugar over just coffee...what can I say, I'm somewhat complicated! 

13) What is your most treasured possession? A necklace my parents gifted me when I graduated with my MBA years ago. Maybe because the pendant is a delicate culmination of small diamonds making 2 circles, it makes me feel whole and that life just keeps going....no matter the small bumps along the way. I rarely take it off for that reason, and usually if I'm anxious about something, I'll catch myself holding it and playing with it. 

14) What is your favorite magazine? I'd say WWD (Women's Wear Daily), which is technically a newspaper. I love it because it covers the operational/business side of the fashion industry...it goes beyond just trends, runway looks, etc. to strategy, finances, and real news about industry players. 

15) What advice would you give your 20-something self? Just go for it! You have a dream for something big - take hold of it and don't let go of that fire! Dreams are meant to be real. 

16) Where can we find you on a Friday night? Usually, if I'm not working on something for a client, you'd find me with friends or family - probably just catching up on life! 

17) What motivates you? People - whether they are positive or negative forces in my life, they push me to work harder, think bigger, and take control of my destiny (because in all honesty, no one else will). 

18) What's something unique that we can find on your desk or around your workspace? Scribbles of quick illustrations/sketches I just have to get out of my head and on paper before I forget (told you I have to write everything down)!

19) What's the best relationship advice you've ever gotten? I believe it was Frida Kahlo who said, "Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic." ...So long as that "look" is mutual and stays constant, life just seems easy and all else fades away.   

20) What's your favorite thing about Philadelphia right now? Well, I moved (back) to Philly a few months ago...and moved in the dead of winter. Right now, my favorite thing are the sunny days we're getting and taking them all in by exploring the city's pockets of different neighborhoods, each of a different vibe. 

21) If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why? Batgirl…she’s one badass boss-babe that goes after what she wants! 

22) Do you have a fashion icon? I have two: Nicole Richie and Solange.  

23) If you could go back to one decade in history, which one would it be and why? Hands down - the 70's! I'm a little obsessed with the free-spirited, bohemian, and effortless-glam that comes from the 70s. 

24) Where's your favorite place to eat? Anywhere with sushi!

25) How do you stay sane balancing your life and career? It's more so the people in my life, rather than things, that keep me sane. I generally sleep on average 4-5 hours a night, and my schedule is crazy packed....but somehow a text, call, or grabbing a quick coffee/drink with special people in my life take all stress away!

26) What's your favorite drink or cocktail? Favorite beverage - coffee; favorite cocktail - vodka mojito or anything else with lime and loads of mint leaves.

27) What is your favorite movie? LOL...I am not one to focus during a movie, so this is always a tough one for me. I'm the person multi-tasking with work or responding to texts in the theatre. 

28) Tell us about an embarrassing moment you recently had: My heel broke on the way back from a meeting the other day...that was a "fun" walk/limp home. 

29) What's your favorite app right now? Polyvore

30) If you could, what would you say to yourself fives years from now? Keep looking forward!

#30Over30PHL is a month-long series highlighting Philadelphia’s most ambitious women. Created in collaboration with Melissa Alam of Femme & Fortune and Alex Kacala of Fayme Problems#30Over3PHL is being presented with support from Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia.