Welcome To Our New Look!

I've been wanting to update Femme & Fortune for months now. Not only for usability reasons, but because I felt limited to the past design. Femme & Fortune deserves to grow, and a few updates visually would be the key to that growth. Hope you like the new look so far, and bear with us if there are a few kinks here and there! Here's a few updates to the site:

  • Access to more content! The homepage is full of areas of latest articles from different categories. We want readers to visit the site and feel inclined to keep clicking and reading. Femme & Fortune is meant to be a resource, as well as a community - so keep reading and commenting! And shoutout to all of the awesome contributors who have been writing for us for the past few weeks, months, and years. We love you!
  • Better content. Because of the the content explosion, we want to really step it up as a team and start creating and curating better content for you readers. I'm talking more custom photoshoots, interviews with fab femmes, and more collaborations with brands and people we admire. We're starting our awesome #30Over30PHL campaign tomorrow am, and we're ready to continue taking it up a notch!
  • Ads - I know what you're thinking. Banner ads are old news. We agree. But we wanted our new site to reflect some of our upcoming partners, campaigns, or features within the site. Creating the site that allowed ads to fit right in and not look too overwhelming was important to us.
  • A Meet The Team Page! It's about damn time we show the beautiful faces behind Femme & Fortune! I personally couldn't have been able to run this site solo this year, so I can't express enough gratitude to Victoria, Jade, and Alisa for helping me manage Femme & Fortune. We've got a lot of fun things planned, including a two anniversary party this June! Crazy it's been two years already, but part of the redesign is to show it off during our anniversary party. And we did it!
  • ....And coming soon - More video content, a shop, and regular newsletters! Make us accountable readers if we don't get this done! This year already started with a bang (new team, new branding, new contributors, etc.), and there's so much more to do! If you have any other suggestions, comments, tips, etc. -- we want to hear it! Email us at hello@femmeandfortune.com or write it in the comments below.

We hope you enjoy the site and let's keep building each other upwards and onwards, femmes.

With love,