App of the Week: Dubsmash

We've all tried to impersonate our favorite singer or actor at one point in time. And though your friends might rave about how great you are at signing that Whitney Houston high note in “I Will Always Love You”... let’s face it -- you are not Whitney Houston. Don’t be discouraged though, for a new app is making waves in changing the way we channel the stars. Dubsmash is a video sharing application that allows you to “dub” phrases from movies, tv shows and practically any sound clip. (Yes, there's Whitney.) Branding itself as the new way to communicate, Dubsmash now has more than 10 million downloads, and with their growing popularity, this app has the potential to work directly with companies looking to expand their brand. “Dubbers,” as they like to call themselves, frequently use the app to pay homage to their favorite TV shows and movies of the past. Dubsmash’s easy user functionality gives brands the ability to use the app to regrow their fan bases around shows and celebrities. You could even incorporate the app into a social media advertising campaign. The app just got soundclips of phrases from the the show Friends, and now you can do the perfect Joey Tribbiani pick up line.

Be warned though - this app is addicting. Just like a potato chip, you can't just make one DubSmash. Dubbers frequently compile their favorite dubs of themselves with some videos lasting as long as two minute and  they're worth every second. DubSmash is currently updating to a new version, this one  equipped with “soundboards” so that users can subscribe to other user’s videos.

Now that you know how it works, what would you dub?

Photo Credit: DeathtoStock