App Of The Week: Tastemade City

Ever travel to a new city and crave something different and new to experience or eat? I'm sure you're used to trusting online reviews or tips from Facebook friends, but what if you could actually watch and view the atmosphere of a restaurant from the perspective of someone like you? Enter one of the iTunes Store's Best New Apps in 2014 - Tastemade. The Tastemade app finally gives everyone a chance to be their own food critic with a few simple prompts. The end result is a beautiful professional-looking production that incorporates instrumental music, scenes of the restaurant's ambience, closeups of delicious food and drinks off the menu, and footage of you raving about what your must order. Add in a "pro tip" by each user, and you've got yourself some awesome insider information for your next travels.

Still curious about how it works? Here's a simple layout of what you'll be asked to take footage of to create the final video:


Easy right? You really can't go wrong with making your videos, and the end results are definitely fun and share-worthy on your other social media platforms.

Overall, the Tastemade app gives the power back to the people by allowing users the ability to rave about his/her favorite places in a super creative and authentic way. If you're ever curious about what to order at a new restaurant you're trying, definitely go into the app and search for any videos from other users. Don't be surprised if you get inspired to create your own reviews right away!

Interested in seeing some videos? Here are a few examples:

Fat Salmon


Pat's King of Steaks

Download Tastemade City for your iPhone here or for your Android here.