A Signature Haircut: The Best Style Choice for a Busy Femme

ANNA-ONSTORY-rex_2020083aAnna Wintour has one. Jennifer Aniston had one. And Miley Cyrus has one. What do these very different femmes have in common? Each has a signature hairstyle. Wintour’s bob hasn’t changed in years. Aniston debuted “The Rachel”layered look on Friends. Cyrus changed her image in an instant with a pixie cut.

A signature style can be about the style aspect – when you look good, you feel good – but it also serves as a very practical choice. With a signature style, you'll spend less time worrying about how to do your hair and take one more decision off your plate. Let's face it, we can fall prey to analysis paralysis especially because we're always doing a million things. “Having an amazing signature style allows you to claim your power in the professional world,” says Andre Richard Baldini, owner of three salons in Philadelphia: Andre Richard Salon, ARS Lab and ARS Parlour.

Baldini answered some questions about how you can work with a stylist to find and maintain the right signature style for you.

Femme & Fortune: What are the benefits of having a signature style? ARB: The benefits to having a signature style are numerous. You want to have a flattering look but one that suits your lifestyle – both professionally and personally. There is no wiggle room when it comes to delivering a style. Confidence, energy and focus can be built around your look.

You must have versatility. Most women need to go from the office to dinner, to events and home to their family. Shoulder length hair is perfect for this. You can wear it up, straight, curly, side pony.

What can a client expect when seeking the help of a stylist to determine their perfect signature style? At ARS we provide the “perfect consultation” where our stylists are masters of listening to what a client wants to have – do they want volume, sleek style, curls? You must work within the budget of what your client has naturally. It is our job to decipher what is attainable. What is your client’s ability to recreate the look at home? Can they blow out their own hair? Can they flatiron it? Will they use the recommended product? There is an art to this consultation process and our stylists have it down to a science.

How should a client prepare to go into a consultation with a stylist about choosing a signature style? Before discussing what you want for a signature style go into your consultation prepared with freshly air dried hair. This way your stylist sees the texture and determine how your hair “lives” without product and styling efforts.

Do you have any other advice on communicating with a stylist? Be clear. Don’t leave it in the stylists’ hands and then expect them to read your mind. Bring images. Hands down telling your stylist, “This is how I want to look,” is the best determinant of success And your stylist can help you from there.

Photo Credit: Sylvain Melloul, The Telegraph

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