6 Tips to Make Your Move Less Stressful

Moving into a new place usually offers its own excitement. All of the hours spent on Pinterest creating home decor boards will finally be put to use! But the actual process of moving isn't always as glamorous as it sounds. It’s filled with days of packing, cleaning, more packing, and just a lot of stress. Because we could all use some motivation for our upcoming moves, here are six tips to make an upcoming move feel less overwhelming and more efficient.

1. Save and budget.

There are a lot of small expenses involved in moving that you should take into account. The more you save, the less credit card debt you will accumulate to finance your move. Security deposits, pet fees, closing costs, moving trucks, moving companies and renting of storage facilities are just a few of the expenses you can expect to encounter when preparing for a move. If you start saving early enough, you can also put aside money to decorate your new space after you settle in. Once you have set money aside, create a moving budget that captures expected expenses. Then pad it. Then pad it a little more. Unexpected moving expenses can add up quickly! Don’t forget to also save receipts for your moving expenses for tax purposes.

2. Purge before packing.

Packing up your home is the perfect time to let go of items you no longer need or use. Spend some time leading up to your move going through your closets, drawers and hiding places to decide what items you want to keep, donate or sell. Doing this work ahead of time will save you from unpacking items in your new place you know you’ll never use. You'll also be able to skip transporting items you don’t need, which will save you time, money and energy.

3. Ask for help.

If your best friend, sister or mom is an organizational guru, ask them to come over to help you pack up your place in exchange for a task they may need help on. Packing is a task that is way more fun (and faster!) with reinforcements. With the help of close friends and family (aka your reinforcements), you can develop a plan of attack and pack in a organized manner so that you can unpack boxes by room. A little vino and pizza go a long way too!

4. Pack a week’s worth of clothing, beauty products and tools in a suitcase.

Unpacking may take time and not be be top priority during the first few days in your new place. Make sure you have a week’s worth of clothing and other daily personal care items in a suitcase so you don’t spend your first night looking among numerous boxes for pajamas or toothbrush.

5. Tie up loose ends and cancel necessary bills.

Double check your monthly housing bills in your old place and close out accounts where necessary. Also make sure you didn't forget to pick up laundry or dry cleaning near your old place or return library books. It could be particularly annoying managing these tasks later if you’re doing a long distance move.

6. Don’t forget about food.

In order to prevent sudden snaps due to being “hangry,” think about food in advance for yourself, your household, and any loved ones helping you to move. Research food options in your new area and place an order for meals for moving day. For those not moving across long distances, you may also want to order staple items online for delivery from a local grocery store or a site like Instacart or AmazonFresh for the first few days in your new place.

Preparation and organization will help make an impending move more pleasant and less stressful so you can get on with life and enjoy your place.

Share your favorite tip for making moving less stressful in the comments!

Photo Credit: Elegant Simplicity Interiors