Bachelor of the Week - Steven Hernandez

1) Name/Age/Occupation: Steven Hernandez/27/Project Management for a telecommunications company

2) Three words to describe yourself:

Genuine, Daring, Ambitious, Rule Breaker

3) Take us through your ideal first date scenario...

I do NOT believe in extravagant first dates. The first date is the beginning of a relationship and this is the "feeler" stage where you determine if there is potential for a future or not. My ideal first date would be dinner at a small restaurant, followed by an interactive event, then drinks and dancing to top it off. If there is a second date, that's when my romantic side starts to show.

Steve Hernandez | Bachelor of the Week-14) What traits do you look for in a partner?

Sense of humor, first and foremost. I consider myself to be a goofy, nerdy, slightly weird guy and I appreciate whomever could understand and contribute to my (self-proclaimed) comedic genius. Coming in at a close second is intelligence. I enjoy intellectual discussions on philosophy, science, religion, and current events. I also look for a drive for constant self-improvement. No one is perfect, but someone who strives to better themselves at each opportunity that is presented is a huge turn-on for me.

5) Relationship deal breakers...and go!

Bad hygiene, low self-respect/esteem, too submissive

6) How many dates until the first kiss?

If the feeling is right, there is nothing wrong with a goodnight kiss on the Nth date. (pick a number)

7) Favorite pick-up line and success rate!

"If you were an angle, you'd be acute one." Success Rate: 60% of the time it works every time.

8) What are some of your guiltiest pleasures?

Netflix binges, strawberry cheesecake, taking online quizzes on random subjects, sleeping/napping at any time of day or night no matter what physical position I am in.

9) Where can we find you on a Friday night? How about a Sunday afternoon?

Friday night - some place indoors/outdoors enjoying a glass of whiskey. Sunday afternoon - some place indoors/outdoors enjoying a glass of whiskey. ;)

10) Who's your celebrity crush?

Most recently, I would have to go with Evangeline Lilly <3

11) Who would you say your celebrity doppelgänger is?

Shaquille O'Neal.......we're basically twins

12) What are you passionate about?

Family, friends, career, Philly sports teams

Steve Hernandez | Bachelor of the Week-1-213) What's currently on your nightstand?

Books, cigars, collectible sports figurines, my tech gadgets

14) Last song you downloaded or put on a playlist?

"The Weeknd - Often"

15) Last but not least, where can we find you online?

Instagram - @steve.sirnandez / Twitter & Snapchat - @manaya7