App of the Week: Memmee

Life has this way of blurring together; a string of moments that inevitably becomes an intertwined, messy knot. Some moments are big, but most are small. We go through every minute of everyday, making constant choices and decisions, feeling so many different emotions throughout the course of a single day. We take on so much, constantly move, always work work work, but when we flop into bed at the end of the day, what can we remember about our day? If we're lucky, there are stand outs that will stick with us for years. But those moments are rare. As my years somehow became shorter and I lost the ability to timestamp life events based on the school year, I started looking for a way to remember specific moments and record my thoughts in the present before it quickly became the past. I wanted to recall that compliment my boss gave me, the way I felt on a first date, or the thing that made me laugh the hardest that day. Because who doesn't want a confidence booster in the bank, a reminder of that heart-quickening moment when your hands first met, or a smile on a bad day?

I’ve never kept up with the journals that I tried to keep. I didn't want the public forum feeling that would come with starting a blog. Social media is for certain aspects but not my true personal life. I came across memmee during a serious procrastination binge, and it was the perfect tool. I can share it if I want to, but it defaults to private.

Here's something I know for certain: every day may be ordinary, but in five years there will be a new ordinary. I write memmees to remember these times because by tomorrow, today will be history.

Photo Credit: DeathToTheStockPhoto and Brittony Vermeer This is a sponsored post by memmee, an app that helps you record, remember, relive, and share private and everyday moments that make life memorable on beautiful cards.

How do you savor life's little moments?