Bachelorette of the Week - Courtney V.

Courtney is a new transplant here in the city of brotherly love. Hailing from New England, with a quick stint in Paris, she's full of worldly experiences to share with a special someone. As our first Bachelorette of the Week, we're so happy to feature the lovely, charismatic and gorgeous (those dimples though...) Courtney! Read on to learn all about her. 1) Name/Age/Occupation 

Courtney V./26/French Teacher & French Lit. Student & Barista

2) Hometown:

New England

3) Currently Living In:

Philadelphia, PA

Courtney V._24) Take us through your ideal first date scenario...

My ideal first date would be to pick a funky museum exhibit and go through it together. Art is a mirror of the observer, and it's interesting to see what comes out of men in front of something that by nature doesn't have expectations for right or wrong. If a guy has a good sense of humor, for example, odds are he will have me laughing my way through just by sharing his own perspective. A lot of men like to go out for dinner or coffee on a first date, but too often the conversation can feel like an interview rather than a true getting-to-know. Also, something about that environment - the menu, the waiter, the chewing- is overwhelming to me.

5) What traits do you look for in a partner?

I look for men with creative intelligence. I also feel energized and excited by men who tend to have an unconventional or radical perspective on the world in which they live. The word "radical" means the root, or origin, and I find that the people who pierce through the surface of what's accepted, who get down to the root of it, embody the traits I respect the most in people. Traits like trust, love, sharing.

6) Relationship deal breakers...and go!

Obsessed with your smartphone? See ya.

7) How many dates until the first kiss?

That's the best part of the first date. C'mon. But it stops there for the evening. Sorry fellas.

8) Favorite pick-up line and success rate!

I am not always patient enough to wait for men to ask me out, so I make the first move when the time is right. My pick up line is a smile. But I have had pick-up lines coming my way, too (fortunately). I went out with a man after suggesting it was "kismet" that we had met. I'm a sucker for fate.

9) What are some of your guiltiest pleasures?

I don't feel guilty for anything I find pleasurable.

Courtney V. | Bachelorette of the Week | Femme & Fortune10) Name some of your favorite destinations around your city and why.

I lived in Paris, France for several years and even though I'm in the States now, I speak French in my thoughts, while I walk around the city, and in my dreams every day and night. That city feels like home for myriad reasons, and returning to live and work is a goal (read: challenge (bonjour bureaucracy!)) that I hope to meet one day soon!

11) Where can we find you on a Friday night? How about a Sunday afternoon?

I like checking out concerts, foreign films or low-budget plays on the weekends. I'm not a loud party girl, so bar-hopping is akin to a nightmare for me unless I'm in good company. Sunday afternoon I'm reading or outside... or reading outside.

12) Who's your celebrity crush?

My crushes are more long-term than any of my actual relationships. I'm going to have to reach back to when I was in middle school watching Gilmore Girls to cite my celebrity crush(es), then and now: Jared Padalecki and Milo Ventimiglia.

13) Who would you say your celebrity doppelgänger is?

Not sure. Will it improve my chances of finding someone like the above crushes if I say my doppelgänger is Alexis Bledel?

14) What are you passionate about?

Oh my! I am passionate about teaching, and most passionate about teaching my passion! That would be French language and literature. What could be better than having a passionate passion? I also passionately travel and seek adventure even in my day-to-day routines.

15) What's currently on your nightstand?

I always light a candle when I wake up, so there's a beautifully scented beeswax candle sitting next to a book of poetry by Jacques Réda I've been revisiting recently with great pleasure and discovery!

16) What's your favorite app that you're using now and why?

I had my first phone when I was 21 years old, and even still I had a pocket Nokia until two years ago. In other words, my instinct isn't reliant on Apps (yet). The only App I "indulge" in is Daily Horocope by Rick Levine. The stars know my life somehow. It's nuts. Cray-zee.

17) Last song you downloaded or put on a playlist?

SOHN Bloodflows

Thank you Courtney! Stay tuned for another Bachelor of the Week next week ladies and gents!