‘Tis the Season for Magnificent Memories

Peppermint mocha lattes, joyous caroling, vibrant lights, food, family and fun – it’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season always seems to bring a smile to people’s face. It’s the season of giving. The season of love. The season of family. The season of wonderful memories.

As I sit with my own family and friends during the holidays, we often reminisce about some of our favorite moments together. The time an aunt somehow fell out of a chair (no, she didn’t hurt herself, and yes, we laughed) or the time the grandchildren put on a talent show for the adults or the times we just knew things would fall apart and instead they fell together.

My favorite holiday memory? I’m not sure that I have one. I count every holiday spent with loved ones a favorite. Those are the times that I’ll always remember.

I caught up with some femmes, and asked, “What’s your favorite holiday memory?” Though their memories were different, some things remained the same.

Meet Amber:

Amber“Growing up, my family and I lived in a large two story house. My little brother was 3 years old at the time. We were unpacking the decorations when my little brother grabbed some of the garland and started playing with it. When my dad finally noticed him, the most mischievous grin came across his face. My dad said, "Don't you even." No sooner than he could finish his sentence, my little brother took off running around the house, stringing the garland everywhere. He giggled the entire time, while with my dad chased after him. When the main event was finally over, there was garland strung over couches, under tables, and down around the staircase. All we could do was laugh.”

Meet Sherita:


“My favorite holiday memory is bittersweet. My family had just buried my grandmother two weeks before Christmas. Yet Christmas day was filled with so much love and joy. Everyone gathered at my house – my mom, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. As I looked around the room, I was happy that we were all here – together. We laughed and laughed, and reminisced about the good times with grandma. Though we had just suffered a great loss, it brought us peace to be surrounded by one another.”

 Meet Charmaine: 


“My favorite holiday memory would have to be the first time my parents and I took a family trip to New York. I wanted to do something special for my parents that year other than our usual tour of Christmas light displays. I thought, "What better way for them to be fully indulged in the spirit of Christmas than being in New York City?" When I mentioned it to them, their eyes lit up like innocent children. They had not been to New York in more than 10 years which made them even more excited. Once there, we went on a walking tour to Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, and to see the department stores’ holiday window displays. The happiness and joy on their faces was enough to make me feel like I had given them the best Christmas present of all – but what they didn't know was that their happiness was the ultimate Christmas present for me.”

Meet Sarah:

Sarah “I had just moved to DC. I was a pre-teen, and the move had taken a toll on me emotionally. Christmas rolled around and suddenly my all my pre-teen emotions disappeared for a moment. It was simply nice to have Christmas at grandma’s again. All the family came over and I got that warm feeling as always. A feeling I needed, after an emotional move.”

We all have our favorite holiday memories for a different reason; some are elaborate and exciting, and others are simple and sweet, but that’s what makes memories so special. They’re unique to each us. No matter the reason, our favorite memories always seem to share a common theme – peace and happiness. So keep making those holiday memories, femmes! They’re sure to bring you happiness on a cloudy day.

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