What To Buy A Femme: Holiday Edition

So, you need fantastic last minute gifts for the fierce femme(s) in your life? You know the type: the trend setter, who is always telling you where to find the best product for your hair, nails, and boudoir. Search no further. Here’s a list of all the essentials to make that special person in your life know that you’re paying attention when they talk about the importance of fabulosity.

1) Nadia Albouhouson’s ‘Eyebrow Game Too Strong’ T | Purchase Here

NadiaA. Eyebrow Game too strong

If you’re just arriving to the Nadia party, welcome. Check out her blog to learn all about her advocacy work in Lebanon, her feelings on being a plus-side alternative model, and her glorious take on the ‘Bang Bang’ video. If ever one wanted to pray at the temple of high femme for a blessing from on-high, tweeting at her is a great place to start.

2) 9-5 Cleanser from Lush | Purchase Here

LUSH-9-to-5-Cleansing-LotionCold creams are the best thing to happen to make-up removal even if they are the cold, funky jars that covered your Grandmother’s dresser. This product makes eradicating a full face, in seconds, so easy. Since sensitive skin is a winter problem, don’t worry since it has almond oil to keep your skin hydrated. Slap it on, wipe it off and that is it.

3) Bath Bombs from Duross & Langel | Purchase Here

D&L bath bomb

Local bath time heroes, Duross & Langel, continue to deliver. Even the dirtiest of the high femmes needs a moment to themselves in the tub, gathering our thoughts and enjoying some delicious bubbles, right? Buy one for yourself while you’re at it, and soak up some of the city’s most luxurious bubbles.

 4) Madewell Satchel Bag | Purchase Here

Madewell SatchelEverybody needs a leather bag, whether for work or play. Leather bags are tokens of affection, signs of exquisite taste and come on, who doesn’t love the smell of leather? Satchel bags can be used as a travel bag or something to take to the office. Again, there is a reason that Tom Haverford lives for fine, leather goods. We're all old enough to splurge and buy something for someone that you love.

5) Deborah Lippman Red Glitter Polish | Purchase Here


Deborah Lippman is the number one name in sparkle: who else has a polish available that references ‘Dorothy’s Red Shoes?' With the holidays approaching, it is always important to slay with one's manicure, even if the manicure could land a plane with its razzle-dazzle. Removing glitter polish, on the other hand, is a challenge unto itself...but this a holiday gift post, after all.

6) ‘Betch’ Gear | Purchase Here

You Can't Spin With Us If you don’t recognize the ‘You Can’t Spin With Us’ shirt, then you haven’t been on Tumblr lately. This brand has the perfect amount of sass and street style, with options to purchase gift boxes filled with their acerbic goodies. What is life, without styling a t-shirt with your favorite winter hat, some comfy kicks, and a huge cardigan.

7) Kevin Murphy Hair Products | Purchase Here 

kevin-murphy-hair-careWhen your hair looks good, you feel good. The Kevin Murphy line lives up to the hype, plain and simple. While the idea of buying editorial hair products is intimidating, the idea of helping your hair maintain an editorial look, without shelling out major dollars at the salon is incredibly appealing. The versatility of these products, especially for an on-the-go femme make them great last-minute gift ideas.

8) Tilda Swinton ‘Like This’ Perfume | Purchase Here

Like This

Tilda Swinton is to me, the equivalency of the perfect woman. This inspired scent has a “hint of musk that lingers on the skin,” which makes me think that, just like all of Ms. Swinton’s movies, this scent will ensnare the senses and surely keep people guessing what resplendent person just entered a room. Even if you only know her from “Snow Piercer.”

9) Give To A Charity


Giving to a local charity in the name of someone is a great way to demonstrate that you care and know that your special person is a giver, as well. There are benefits to keeping it local, versus giving to a larger non-profit, but it really all depends on you. Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society was voted one of the region’s best charities to give to.

Happy shopping everyone!

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