How To Organize Your Inbox Like A Boss

Too. Many. Emails. It’s a common problem for busy Femmes, but an indicator to how communication has morphed into quick blips of information. On an average day I am bombarded with over 200 emails from various accounts – someone or something always needs attention. Before 10 a.m. I am already reminded that: My gym misses me.

My favorite shop thinks I need a new sweater.

My friends want to schedule dinner plans next week.

My boss needs to approve a proposal.

And my alma mater thinks “good” alumni should donate to fund a new building.


Most are worth reading, but they crowd my inbox and usually get tossed aside without me responding, or even digesting the information.

We all need a little sanity and mine can be found in the form of the trash bin icon. I know that’s not the ideal way to conquer the email conundrum, but that is my little peace. Others not so privy to deleting their way to inbox zero, can find their inboxes in pristine shape in the form of apps. Here are a few getting rave reviews for de-cluttering your email inbox:

  1. Mailbox (Free) Let’s say this is email reimagined. In a nut shell, this app is the pinnacle of organization, to-do lists, and archiving through Dropbox. Users can quickly organize their inbox with a swipe of their finger and “snooze” messages for later – in an hour, next week or even after vacation.

As if an organized inbox wasn’t already a win, Mailbox syncs all of your devices through its connection with DropBox. Mailbox checks your email from the cloud with Dropbox and delivers it to your mobile device with lightning-fast speed.

It is currently available for the iPhone, Android and recently launched Mailbox for Mac. Stay tuned as the app continues to expand into new features.

  1. Triage: Email First Aid ($2.99) This is the app for iPhone users with five minutes to spare to get their crowded inbox under control. Triage uses no fancy tricks, just a simple screen that displays your emails one-at-a-time in a stack. A flick of the finger you and you can quickly archive, save for later, or create a quick response. Simple but effective, sort of like a game for your email.
  1. Inky (Free) It’s all about priority with Inky. This is a cloud-based desktop app that ranks email by importance. Boss equals important. J.Crew promo may have to wait. Over time the app follows your lead and begins to identify a ranking pattern to sort mail before you even get to it. No more wasting time through the junk mail cluttering your inbox. Features include quick unsubscribe, search by hashtags and mapping for emails including physical addresses.
  1. Unroll.Me (Free) All emails should have a folder system for organization. Unroll.Me simplifies inboxes by categorizing so you don’t have to. This app helps you organize your inbox by into segments, such as news, social, and networking – making folders work for you.
  1. Boxer ($9.99): Merge all of your inboxes and let Boxer go to work. This app continues to rate high amongst its peers for being easy to use and customizable. Users can open messages, swipe to archive or delete them, assign other labels or actions to them, create a to-do list, like them, or send a quick reply. It currently supports all common email accounts including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, iCloud, AOL, Hotmail, and Office 365 along with top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and LinkedIn.

Now for the Femme on the move, each of the above apps is more than efficient, but some small business owners may need a bit more to handle an overflowing inbox. That’s where Sanebox and Gmail Boomerang come in:

  1. Sanebox ($7/$ 12/ or $36/per month): Sanebox is just that: Sanity for your inbox. Imagine an inbox automatically cleared of junk mail, in a folder labeled SaneLater. Busy Femmes can rely on Sanebox to scan mail for attachments, put them on Dropbox, and replaces them with a link to save email storage. Then the app will unsubscribe with SaneBlackHole, remind you to respond to important emails, snooze emails, and provide summaries of long messages. (Did you hear that gasp of excitement from business owners around the world?) Ultimately, Sanebox will become your best personal assistant for email.
  1. Boomerang (Free/$4.99/14.99 and 49.99/ per month): Google developed Boomerang to answer all of your email needs like only Google can. For instance, scheduled sends and email reminders are available on the app. How many times have you wished that your 2 a.m. response could be post-dated to a more work-friendly hour, say 8 a.m.? Plus, Boomerang adds a response tracking and read receipts feature to make sure your intended party read your message (no more excuses).

So far, the app takes care of everything you think you could need in an email assistant, but it’s in the works of doing even better with providing email insights.


So after checking out all of the above email assistance apps, I hope all my favorite Femmes are busy taking over the world and not fussing over an untidy inbox. Good luck!