It's Time To Grow Our Team!

The time has come. The time we start to grow Femme & Fortune further than we've ever thought. Now that we have a physical headquarters for our online magazine at Philadelphia's latest co-working space, The Hive, it's time we get serious. Take a gander at some of the details about this new turn for F&F, and definitely reach out if you're interested in anything you read below!


We're currently looking to grow our brand, partners, and current board of editors and managers. As we're not able to pay for the positions below, you'll receive some of the following perks:

  • Access to some of the coolest events and overall happenings (local and in the NYC/DC area for now)
  • Opportunity to grow your portfolio by having your work published online on
  • A chance to  expand your network with other fab femmes, businesses and brands around the nation
  • Real-world experience with growing an online publication from a very grassroots approach
  • Creative freedom (for the most part) for the cause of female empowerment, unity and education
  • The feeling of being an active member of a team of fellow inspirational women with similar motivations and aspirations

Expectations/How To Apply

With that being said, expect at least a 5-10 hour commitment per week along with bi-monthly meetings here at our office in Old City. If you're interested in applying for a position, please email with the position you'd like to apply for, a short blurb about your experience for that position, why you'd like to join our team, and your general availability on a weekly basis. Philadelphia locals only (for now), sorry! Applications are due by Saturday, November 1st, 2014.

Femmes Needed

Managing Editor - My right hand woman, this role is for the femme obsessed with organizing, deadlines, and outreach. You'll work directly with me to help manage our growing list of contributors, brainstorm new ways to expand our site, help reach out to women and companies we interview, clean up our internal/external processes to become more efficient, send weekly pitch emails, and aid with a newsletter to our readers. Don't worry, it'll be fun.

Copy Editor - Hey there grammar nazi. We need you. This role is for someone who loves writing, reading, and editing. You'll have the first look at all of our content and articles before they go live (with final approval by either the Editor-In-Chief or Managing Editor). If you love editing copy, we applaud you. And you should probably apply for this role because we could use you on our team!

Social Media Manager - The Social Media Manager will have access to all of our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+) and will post daily on behalf of the magazine. You'll work closely with the graphic designer to create unique designs to reach our growing group of femmes. Experience with advertising and high-level social media strategy would be awesome as well!

Director of Advertising - Have experience working with brands and creating unique collaborations with companies? The Director of Advertising will be in charge of all upcoming advertising campaigns and marketing initiatives on behalf of Femme & Fortune. We'll have monthly goals that we'll work on collectively to obtain in terms of audience reach, message and monetary. Be ready to get your hands dirty in this role.

Graphic Designer - This position is for the gal who's known for her creativity, great with turning around designs quickly, and has a love/love relationship with Pinterest. We'd love to have an on-staff graphic designer to help us create all of our event flyers, social media posts, press kits, online content, and more on the fly. Experience with the full Adobe Creative Suite would be...sweet. Yeah, I said it.

Staff Photographers - With so many events and interviews at hand, we would love to have a team of 2-3 photographers that we could rely on to show up to events/interviews, snap photos, and upload to our Dropbox for posting. This is a great role for any up-and-coming photographers in need of more experience around the city. Don't have the best equipment? No worries, we've got the tools for you to use in the interim. Brownie points if you have video experience too!

Thank you, and I can't wait to read your applications for these roles!


Melissa, Founder & Editor-In-Chief

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