5 Date Ideas for the Career Woman

Being a working gal early in my corporate career, there was naturally a lot of pressure to work hard and put in long hours in order to make sure I could get ahead. If I let the long hours get the best of me, I would become overly stressed and my relationships would suffer with both my friends and my spouse. It's important to hit pause during your off-time from work to truly reconnect with that partner in your life. Here are a few ways to make dating a priority for busy working women.

  • Breakfast Dates

My husband and I travel a lot for our jobs, which means that we're away from each other for days at a time. When we return from a trip, we make it a priority to wake up early the next morning and go out for breakfast. Those thirty to sixty minutes of dating over a plate of eggs benedict help us reconnect after being away from each other. Breakfast dates before heading off to work for the day are a good way to make sure our relationship stays a priority.

  • Shred Sesh

Wondering how to make a date happen, accomplish the work to-do list, and get in a work out in the same day? Make a date out of it. Look up a gym that you can go to for a drop-in class. Take your beau with you and get your sweat on. Keep the date going by heading to the frozen yogurt shop for a post-workout cool down.

  • Grocery Store Dash

When you're busy, sometimes the priorities become a battle between going on a date or heading to the grocery store. Why not combine the two and make a game out of it? Head to the grocery store together and split the list into two parts. Make it a contest to see who can get all of their items in the basket first. Make sure your list includes ingredients or pre-made dishes for the evening’s dinner: appetizer, hot dish, side item, and dessert. That way when the contest is over, you also have dinner in your shopping cart! Winner gets to choose if dinner is enjoyed at home or at a local park.

  • Dessert Date

Does work have you staying late for company-organized happy hours? Make plans to meet up with your beau after the party ends for a dessert date.

  • Lunch Bunch

One of my favorite aspects about my job is that my husband and I work close enough that we can take a quick break mid-week for a lunch date. Maybe you work in the same building or can make plans to meet up in between your two offices for a quick lunch alfresco style at a local café.

So femmes, make plans today for a date this week. Come back and let us know what you have planned or better yet post a photo on Instagram and tag #ffdatenight so that we can see just how much fun you are having!